UK Airline-Approved Cabin Bags That Are Actually Cute, Because Who Needs The Hassle?

by Alice Broster
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If you’re anything like me you’ll like to go away on your summer holiday with serious clothing options. As a creature of comfort traveling light isn’t something I’m too accustomed with. Therefore, I’m no stranger to the panic that washes over you when your realise your cabin luggage is just too big and heavy. You don’t want to part with anything before your trip and no one wants to shell out to put it in the hold. Here’s some cabin luggage options that are actually cute and won't cause you any hassle when it comes to playing overhead locker Tetris.

Going away is supposed to be relaxing but there is so much to remember before you leave that checking the size of your bag seems low priority. So, whether you’re heading off for a European mini-break or island hopping across a country here are some super stylish cabin bag options, because you don’t have to compromise aesthetics for practicality.


With FlyBe you're allowed a bag that's 55 cm in height and 35 cm wide. It can be 20 cm deep and it must have a handle and wheels. There's also a 10 kg weight limit. If you want to be the cutest traveler walking through the airport then this Cath Kidston mini suitcase is perfect. It fits the FlyBe measurements and the pattern is utterly adorable.

Virgin Atlantic

If you've invested in a new tropical wardrobe for your vacay and you want your suitcase to match then this Herschel carry on is perfect. If you're flying Virgin Atlantic this holiday season you have the option to bring a carry-on that's 36 cm in width and 56 cm tall, with a weight limit of 10 kg and depth of no more than 23 cm. This Herschel bag is perfect for your next trip away.


While you may have had to nail down your packing to a fine art to fit everything in you don't want to be carrying all of your holday gear in something that doesn't spark joy. Ryanair also has a 10 kg weight limit on cabin baggage and your carry on needs to be no more that 20 cm deep, 40 cm wide, and 55 cm tall. A bag that fits those measurements exactly and comes in four gorgeous colours is the Tripp 'Holiday 6' cabin four wheel suitcase. My personal favourite is cool mint.


If you've perfected your cool summer aesthetic you're going to want your bag to match. If I can chanel at least a little bit of Cara Delevingne walking through the airport then you better believe I will. And you can with this super cool, really practical Eastpak carry on. If you're off on your holidays with TUI in the coming weeks you will have a cabin luggage allowance of 10 kg. Your bag must be no taller than 55 cm and 40 cm wide. It can be no deeper than 20 cm. This pastel carry on is incredibly dreamy and the ideal size.


There's loads of things that make EasyJet a super popular airline. They fly to so many places around the world, their prices are generally really reasonable, and one major perk for over packers like myself is there is no weight limit on cabin luggage. However, your bag must be no more than 56 cm tall, 45 cm wide, and 25 cm deep. If you've got a mini break in the works and want to look hot to trot walking through the airport then you have to get your hands on this Bon Air cabin case in blush pink.