Caelynn Isn't Sure She Wants To Be The Bachelorette, But Her Reason Is Totally Justified

Josh Vertucci/ABC

From the very beginning, Caelynn seemed like a frontrunner to win over Colton Underwood's heart on The Bachelor. Their instant chemistry and their open and honest conversation about her sexual assault felt real and genuine, and indicated that a happily ever after could be on the horizon for both of them. But then on Monday, Colton opted to send her home, leaving many to wonder what's next for the beauty queen. And while Caelynn becoming the next Bachelorette may seem inevitable, the former Bachelor contestant isn't so sure about the whole thing for a totally understandable reason.

During a recent interview with Glamour, Caelynn covered a wide range of topics, including how she felt when Colton shockingly didn't give her a rose after Hometown Dates. But then the conversation turned toward the future and whether or not she'd consider putting her heart on the line again in the name of love. "I don't know. I really did struggle, and I don't know if that's something that's right for me," Caelynn told the magazine. "I'm just focused on continuing to heal my heart and focus on that right now."

Despite all the drama that went on inside the Bachelor mansion, Caelynn has always made sure to be true to herself and what feels right for her. So if she doesn't think becoming the next Bachelorette is the right path for her, then that's completely her decision to make.

Of course, this isn't the first time to subject of becoming the Bachelorette has come up in regards to Caelynn. Prior to her elimination from the show, Tayshia had warned Colton that Caelynn and Cassie weren't there for the so-called "right reasons" and had already already talking about wanting to be the Bachelorette when this was all over. Caelynn denied saying any of those things when Colton confronted her about it and the two were able to move passed it, but that didn't make the accusations any less hurtful for her to deal with.

"It sucks that Cassie and I were thrown under the bus and our readiness was questioned," Caelynn explained during the same Glamour interview, adding:

"But that conversation [about The Bachelorette] was never had, and I sat there shocked when Colton told me because I was like, "Me?!" I wanted to even walk out several times during very filming because I struggled so hard. I was like, "I can't do this, it's too emotionally taxing, it's too draining, and I can't." So for people to then claim that I'm saying I want to be the Bachelorette, I was like, "Do you know that I can't even deal with this right now? I can't deal with 30 men, sorry."

It's true that you definitely need to be in the right frame of mind to take up the Bachelor or Bachelorette mantle and it can be much more difficult if you're still hurting from a recent breakup. Caelynn may not be ready to enter back into the dating game so quickly, especially one that takes place on national TV. But regardless of what ends up being decided, odds are Caelynn's association with the franchise is far from over.