Camila Cabello's Definition Of Beauty Might Surprise You

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

L'Oreal spokespeople include Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Elle Fanning. The newest face of L'Oreal is ex-Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello, who has moved right along with her music career after exiting the girl group back in December of 2016.

Cabello had been teasing her new gig, ultimately revealing it on Instagram, alongside the brand. The singer is stoked to be a "L'Orealista," as the brand's pitchpeople are known. But there are a few underlying reasons that Cabello's status as a face of L'Oreal is important.

In her debut video for the brand, in which the brunette is rocking long, eyelash-grazing bangs, she says, "Beauty is kindness to me, putting love out into the world. The most important thing I have learned is to stay true to yourself, be kind, and live life to the fullest."

Preach, sister!

Her message is a powerful one. Beauty isn't about the thickness or volume of eyelashes or the lushness of one's lips. As Cabello so eloquently stated, beauty is kindness and authenticity, and that's what she is releasing onto the world — to Harmonizers and beyond.

The appointment to this role is also a demonstration of diversity, as Cabello is Cuban-born.

Additionally, Cabello is branching out on her own as an artist, which was an incredibly risky move. That independence and ambition are certainly worth celebrating.

I look forward to seeing which products Cabello will be promoting in the drugstore behemoth's print ads and store signage.

She is naturally gorj and is certainly an influence to her fans, who want to copy her look. So it made sense for the brand to hire her for this role.

Here's another of Cabello's intro photos for L'Oreal.

The singer is also a Guess Girl. She is lining up all the right fashion and beauty endorsements that keep her in the public eye and define her role as a style influencer with a posi message.

Congrats, Camila!