Cam Just Revealed What The 'Bachelorette' Guys Really Think About Luke P.

John Fleenor/ABC

Luke P. may have started out this season of The Bachelorette as a frontrunner to win over Hannah B.'s heart, but as the weeks go on, his controlling behavior is proving to be his downfall. However, Hannah isn't the only one getting uncomfortable about his rather aggressive tactics. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cam revealed what the guys think about Luke P. on The Bachelorette and while his comments shouldn't come as any big surprise, it does give a clearer picture of the awkward dynamics taking place inside the mansion this year.

"Luke was one of those guys I distanced myself from in the house... I just got a weird vibe from him," Cam explained to ET. "He's a big personality. He's a former collegiate athlete, so I know he has a very competitive nature... he had a very different approach than the other guys in the house." But that approach isn't doing him any favors right now. On Monday, Hannah pulled Luke P. aside, warning him to back off and give her some space, while also reminding him that he isn't the only guy she's establishing a relationship with (which, you know, is the whole point of the show).

However, Hannah isn't the only person annoyed by Luke P.'s actions, though instead of confronting him head-on about it, Cam revealed that the guys just try to stay out of Luke's way. "Several guys [also distanced themselves]," Cam stated during the same interview with ET. And while he admitted that he never directly heard Luke P. say how Hannah should be with him over all the other suitors, Cam believed early on that Luke P. would be the one to beat in the competition for that final rose.

"Luke was definitely the frontrunner, at least in my mind... we could just kind of tell from the symbolism of getting the first impression rose and crowning him Mr. Right from the first group date," Cam stated. "He was someone I thought would be the most competition to myself."

For his part, Luke P. has commented about his Bachelorette edit on Instagram, admitting that his behavior was unacceptable and that this learning experience is helping him to grow as a person. "I have learned a lot and I am continuing to learn about my flaws as a man," part of his statement read. He added:

"I'm the first to admit I am far from perfect. This journey has giving me a great opportunity to grow and mature as a man, for that I am grateful. For those of you who are on this journey with me I am grateful for your support and hope you get to learn and grow from my mistakes with me!"

Whether or not Luke P. continues to dig his own grave with Hannah remains to be seen, but as for Cam, who was eliminated during Monday night's episode, he's definitely interested in potentially finding love on Bachelor in Paradise. "I was really drawn to Caelynn [Miller-Keyes]," he admitted. "Demi [Burnett] is a big personality too. And then there's Hannah G., the gangster herself. Maybe I'll come out of my retirement for a freestyle rap battle." At the very least, it would make for some amusing summer entertainment.