Here's Why Dany's Dragons Might Not Be A Match For The Night King On 'Game Of Thrones'


The Battle of Winterfell is finally here and even though all the dragonglass has been forged, there's still a good chance many (if not all) of our beloved Westeros characters will die before the night is out. Their only hope is to take down the Night King, which should in turn kill the Army of the Dead that he himself created. They intend to do this with the help of Daenerys' dragons, but here's the rub: can dragon fire kill the Night King on Game of Thrones? When discussing the plan during last week's episode, no one was able to answer that question with much confidence.

Jon Snow has faced the Night King enough times to know that there's no way they stand a chance of killing every single soldier in the Night King's army, regardless of the amount of dragonglass they have at their disposal. But when they killed a White Walker in Season 7, all the wights that the Walker had turned were killed as well. If that chain reaction holds up, then vanquishing the Night King should wipe all of his minions out. The only problem is getting close enough to finish him off. That's where Bran and the dragons come in. Bran assured Jon that the Night King would come for him, like he's done so many times before, and offered to wait for him by the Winterfell weirwood tree as bait. Then once the Night King arrives, Dany's dragons will be on standby to take him out.

But wait — how do we know for sure that dragon fire will have any effect on this king of all villains? Some fans like Twitter user @maybeimtheone have shrewdly pointed out that there have been subtle implications in the past to suggest that the Night King can't be killed by any type of fire, dragon or otherwise.

"Jon’s plan is to keep the dragons hidden near the heart tree so that when they lure the NK to Bran, they can burn him. Bran doubts it’ll work," @maybeimtheone explains in the tweet, accompanied by photo evidence of the Night King walking through fire unfazed. "Unbeknownst to them, the show has made a point of showing us several times that the NK can walk through fire just fine. Even dragonfire.”


We know that regular fire kills wights, but not White Walkers, however, dragon fire could yield different results due to its magical properties (plus, it's what Valyrian steel is forged from, which has proven to kill White Walkers in the past). But that's still a big "if" to go into battle with, especially if you plan on facing the Night King head on. Even Bran wasn't sure if dragon fire would work on the Night King because he said no one had ever tried before. (Probably because dragons have been hard to come by these days.)

Nevertheless, that's not exactly a reassuring answer, so here's hoping that if it doesn't work, the people around Bran are packing plenty of dragonglass or Valyrian steel with them. Otherwise, this plan — unlike the Night King — could go up in a puff of smoke.