Dragons Being Reanimated As Wights Is A Real Possibility, 'Game of Thrones' Fans

by Caroline Gerdes

On Game Of Thrones there are many religions and many answers to the age-old question, what happens when you die? In Westeros, the question becomes quite literal because when you die, there's a chance you won't stay that way. The White Walkers are in need of Wights, after all. And with Jon Snow marching into Wight and White Walker territory in Episode 6 of Season 7, the topic of reanimated characters couldn't be more popular — and apparently, this includes dragons. So, can dragons become White Walkers on Game Of Thrones?

Well, first off, dragons would become Wights, not White Walkers, but the question of reanimation is valid. If anything has been made clear this season — other than Jon and Daenerys' sexual tension — it's that dragons are not as invincible as fans once thought; thanks to the dragonslayer the Lannisters built, Drogon was injured in battle. Should a dragon die this season, couldn't that dragon return as a Wight? There are theories that support the existence of ice dragons, and couldn't ice dragons be a fancy term for Wight dragons, after all?

Ice dragons have been on George R.R. Martin's radar longer than the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Martin published a book called The Ice Dragon way back in 1980. That's 16 years before A Game Of Thrones hit stands. Martin has not acknowledged The Ice Dragon as part of the A Song of Ice and Fire universe, but ice dragon mythology has been teased in the A Song of Ice and Fire books.

Additionally, Nan's stories could also be seen as foreshadowing ice dragons since she discusses other animals transformed by the White Walkers, like spiders.

While a dragon could become a Wight based on the mythology mentioned above, that doesn't necessarily mean gloom and doom. According to the dragon has three heads prophecy, Jon may be able to tame an ice dragon. If Tyrion is a Targaryen, there are currently as many dragons as there are living Targaryens. Three dragons for three Targaryens, Dany, Jon Snow, and Tyrion. A TV Guide article theorized that Dany and Tyrion could control the fire dragons, while Jon could control an ice dragon because he is from the North, a Targaryen, and, like the ice dragon, resurrected.

Hey, after Episode 5, fans know Dany's dragons are cool with Jon. Maybe this Jon-rides-an-ice-dragon theory holds water after all.