'GoT' Fans Have An Awesome Theory About Viserion Becoming An Ice Dragon


If fans have learned anything this season on Game of Thrones, it's that dragons are not as indestructible as previously thought. From Qyburn developing a weapon to shoot down dragons to Drogon's injury during battle at the hands of Bronn, it seems that this could be foreshadowing that at least one of Daenerys' dragons will die. So which dragon or dragons are most at risk? And what will happen when that dragon dies? Well, since winter is here, maybe Viserion will become an ice dragon on Game of Thrones.

Of all of Dany's dragons, the "Viserion will die" theory seems to be most popular online — though there are theories about the deaths of all of her dragons. But what could happen to Viserion after his death is its own intriguing theory. Could he, like others fallen during winter, become a wight? Or I guess the proper term would be ice dragon. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, ice dragons are possible, though there has not been enough information to reveal if they are born that way or turned into ice after death at the hands of White Walkers.

Still, when reading mythology and theories online, this doesn't actually seem so far-fetched. The series is all about ice and fire, and what would be a more epic showdown than ice and fire dragons? Here is everything you need to know about the "Viserion becomes an ice dragon" theory.

Viserion Will Die

Fans believe Viserion is most likely to die because his namesake, Viserys, was the most evil of all of the dragon namesakes — who are all also dead. Rhaegal is named for Jon Snow's dad / Dany's brother Rhaegar, and Drogon is named for Khal Drogo. Some theories even believe the dragon's deaths could be foreshadowed according to how their namesakes died.

'The Ice Dragon' Book

George R.R. Martin was thinking about ice dragons long before he published A Game of Thrones in 1996. In 1980, Martin published The Ice Dragon. While Martin has not acknowledged the story as part of the A Song of Ice and Fire universe, a TV Guide article points out that "The fantasy world of The Ice Dragon bears a strong resemblance to the world of A Song of Ice and Fire."

The Myth

While Bran did not care for Nan's stories, he was regaled by one about the White Walkers back in Season 1. In this story, Nan spun a tale about winter's undead and mentioned ice spiders. Ice dragons are also part of accepted mythology in the Game Of Thrones books and show, with small references made throughout. However, there is not definitive information about how ice dragons are created.

The Dragon Has Three Heads

Helen Sloan/HBO

It always circles back to this theory that Tyrion is a Targaryen. It is believed by some that the Mad King is Tyrion's father, making him Dany's half-brother. And the "Dragon Has Three Heads" theory explains that for the three dragons, there are three Targaryens: Dany, Jon Snow, and Tyrion.

The same TV Guide article above theorizes that this could mean that there will be an ice dragon, tamed by Jon Snow of the North. The dragon will answer to Jon and be a tool on the side of good because A) Jon is a Targaryen and he can ride a dragon (Dany and Tyrion will ride the other two fire dragons), B) Jon, like a dragon wight, has been resurrected, and C) Jon is the human symbol of ice to Dany's fire.

All in all, if Viserion, or any dragon, dies, there is mythology to support that this dragon could resurrect as an ice dragon — which would be pretty cool to see. Fans will just have to watch and see how Dany's dragons fare this season on Game of Thrones.