Austen's Beer Might Actually Be Good, But 'Southern Charm' Fans Will Have To Wait To Buy It


Most of the Southern Charm cast loves to hit the bar for a beer after a long day (or just a regular day), but Austen's taken that pastime one step further. After years in the alcohol distribution game, he's stepping out on his own to create his own beer. But, can Southern Charm fans buy Austen's beer? His family and friends certainly made the grapefruit-y IPA sound good, and people are going to want to get their hands on it ASAP.

Sadly, like with most things Southern Charm-career themed, fans are in for a waiting game. (Like, when is Craig going to mass market his pillows?) After all, keep in mind that, during the beer tasting episode, Austen didn't even have a name for his drink yet. He let his guests come up with their own suggestions. He may have to go back to the drawing board after seeing some of the ideas, though.

  • Austen's Island Adventure
  • Hop Brulee
  • Another
  • Beer Beer Yum
  • Drinkable Charm
  • Austen With An 'E'
  • Nice Legs!
  • Easy E
  • Sea Legs
  • Dear Beer

As partial as I am to "Beer Beer Yum" (???), I do think "Another" is a pretty clever name for a beer. "What'll you have?" "Another."

Fans watching also chimed in with name suggestions that were already miles apart from Thomas' "Dear Beer." One user suggested "Austentatious" and another said "PubKroll." (Get it? like pub crawl but with Austen's last name?) One other suggested "Hopsten." (Might I suggest he just roll with his Instagram name and excellent How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days reference, Kroll The Warrior King?)

On Twitter, Austen confirmed that there are still a few steps to go before his beer is available to the public. "More details on my beer, logo, name etc. to come soon. It’s all happening!" he wrote on June 15. And, hey, the fact that it's happening at all is an achievement in itself for these Southern Charm-ers

In an interview with Decider, Austen further clarified that while, yes, he has a product to sell (half the battle), he hasn't canned it yet for public sale. “It’s just not in cans yet. It’s all moving in the right direction and every day something new is happening but to actually can it and bring it somewhere it takes a lot," he said.

It may happen a tad faster for him than for your average Joe with a dream of making a beer, though. After all, Austen already has an audience clamoring for more. "This show gives me the opportunity to have a bigger platform so that’s definitely a plus for sure," he told Deepest Dream.

According to his LinkedIn, before joining the show, Austen was a territory sales manager for Red Hare Brewing Co. He was basically the beer middleman, selling it from breweries to bars. He told Deepest Dream why he wanted to break out of that and start his own project. "It didn’t take me that long to realize I didn’t want to push someone else’s products. I want to push my own products. So that is what I’ve begun to do," he said.

And, even though it may be a while before the public can take a sip of "Beer Beer Yum" (or whatever name he lands on), the cast of Southern Charm keeps getting to have have pre-sale tastings. Austen told Decider that he brought some to the Southern Charm reunion taping and that even Andy Cohen had a taste. “I think that he did [like it]," Austen said. "His response to it was very positive. I was pleased.”

If Cohen's seal of approval is indeed stamped on Austen's beer, then hopefully the drink will quickly progress to mass market. After all, between Shep and Craig and Thomas, the career goals of the Southern Charm men need a win.