Yes, You Can Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online

by Megan Grant

I'm always in the mood for Girl Scout cookies, but those scouts aren't always standing outside the grocery store ready to take my money. (Who said you were allowed to leave?!) This, of course, leaves me with one crucial question: Can you buy Girl Scout cookies online? Because if so, I'm in trouble. Or in heaven. One or the other. Give me Samoas.

Indeed, you can purchase Girl Scout cookies on the internet by using what's called the Digital Cookie Platform. This platform, which was first launched during the 2015 cookie season, allows Girl Scouts to take their cookie-selling to new heights by offering a totally new channel to pass out the delicious treats. You get cookies; they get to learn and manage their own business online. It's a win-win, and the only thing better than cookies is supporting a young girl with an entrepreneurial heart while you're munching on them.

Using Digital Cookie, you buy your cookies online, pay using Visa Checkout or a credit card, and wait for them to be delivered to your front door. They can be shipped within the United States., including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and military bases with an APO/FPO address.

But, there are a few minor catches (two, to be exact). First, the platform isn't an option everywhere. You need to check with the Girl Scouts website to see if the Digital Cookie Platform is available and operating in your area. Second, you actually have to be invited by a Girl Scout to use Digital Cookie, as they're the only ones who have it.

You might notice that you can find Girl Scout cookies on websites like Amazon; but Girl Scouts of the USA recommends you do not buy your cookies this way, as you don't know who the seller is (and neither do they), you're not supporting Girl Scouts, and they can't guarantee the integrity of the cookies.

Find out when Girl Scout Cookies season runs in your area and get excited. There's always room for cookies!

Images: Fotolia; Giphy