Can You Go To James Kennedy's See You Next Tuesday Party? Here’s How 'Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Can Get In On The Action

Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo

These days it can be tough to watch a reality TV show and decipher if something is genuine reality or if it's just a story line for the sake of the show. With that said, can people really go to James Kennedy's See You Next Tuesday party at SUR, or is it just a plot line to keep him front and center on Vanderpump Rules?

On the show, James worked his way up from being a bus boy to Lisa Vanderpump's go-to DJ at her restaurants SUR and Pump. He has had his fair share of ups downs, including fired and then returning to LVP to beg for his job back... multiple times. During Episode 6 of Season 6 (the current season), James proposed a weekly set on Tuesday nights called See You Next Tuesday. After explaining the double meaning of that event title to his boss and promising to promote the event himself and stay sober while he spins, Lisa agreed and the weekly party has been featured on the show several times. But what about real life? Is this really an event that fans can attend even when Vanderpump Rules is not filming?

Yes, SUR patrons can see the self-proclaimed White Kanye spinning every Tuesday night. This is actually an event that occurs beyond the show. Considering that the day of the week is in the title of event, it doesn't seem like a reminder is necessary, but James makes sure to to keep his followers in the loop anyway. He encourages his fans to attend See You Next Tuesday via Twitter and Instagram almost every week.

Aside from advertising See You Next Tuesday before his sets, James has shared plenty of photos interacting with his fans during his set, which demonstrates that those who visit SUR can actually go to the party and even get behind the DJ booth with the "Topman" singer. For anyone who wants to see more than a photo or video after the fact, he does occasionally document See You Next Tuesday in live stories on his Instagram page.

James isn't the only one hyping up the weekly performances. His Vanderpump Rules co-star and SUR co-worker Ariana Madix has posted about it, as well:

The restaurant itself also promotes the event on a regular basis via Instagram:

The lounge, where James spins every week, is open until 12 a.m. on Tuesday according to the restaurant's official website. There's no need to make reservations to enjoy some drinks at the bar, but if anyone is all "about the pasta" and wants to get dinner before James performs, reservations can be made at SUR through the OpenTable website.

James fanatics who just can't make it out to witness him DJ on a Tuesday night, should follow James or SUR on social media because James also performs on other nights at the restaurant.

Outside of SUR, James has also DJed World Dog Day, an event hosted by Lisa Vanderpump and her dog rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs, in Los Angeles. He also has a regular gig as a DJ at Toca Madera, another restaurant in Los Angeles. He spins every Monday night for an event called Tapas and Beats from 5 p.m. to midnight.

But what about James fans outside of California? James makes appearances and performs at venues around the country. Recently, he had gigs in Tempe, Arizona and Virginia Beach, Virginia. The best way to find out about future performances is to follow him on Twitter and Instagram and wait for him to make an announcement.

After a couple of rough seasons, James has turned things around professionally, and now he's spinning around the country. Vanderpump Rules fans have plenty of options to choose from if they want to enjoy his beats in person.