Titus Gives This West Coast Anthem His All On 'Kimmy Schmidt'
by Samantha Atzeni
Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

The magical genius of Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comes from the line it walks between hilarity and horror. Punctuating these circumstances are the cast of characters, each one bringing their own brand of peculiarity to the show. Titus encounters a strange situation in Season 3, which results in him recording a really catchy song about the West Coast. The circumstances are weird, but no one will judge you if you want to listen to "Boobs in California" again.

This new season tests Titus' strength when he is asked in Episode 4 to sing backup vocals for a sketchy character played by 30 Rock alum Judah Friedlander. The songs range from offensive to weird, and then Titus is asked to sing solo on a particular song. The song isn't revealed right away, but instead viewers watch Titus internally struggle with his decision. After seeking counsel from Lillian, Titus takes a deep breath and decides to just "sell the song" the best way he can.

The reasons for Titus's hesitation are worth the wait. What follows is Titus belting out a beachy, pop-tastic song with lyrics like "I love boobs in California" and "California has the greatest boobs of all."

Unfortunately, "Boobs in California" isn't available on Spotify or iTunes for a listen yet. I'm hoping it will eventually be made available for streaming or even download. Until then, remember some of Titus' other standout musical moments:

The Instant Classic Of Peeno Noir

When discussing Titus's singing talents, "Peeno Noir" is a must. After Season 1, the song and its low budget video, courtesy of Titus and Lillian, became an instant classic. It also introduced fans to the angelic vocals of Tituss Burgess.

With his Broadway background and high tenor range, having Titus sing "Peeno Noir" was just the beginning for Kimmy Schmidt. Over the show's three seasons, he's sung quite a bit. But this is where it all began.

"Peeno Noir" will continue to have an endearing legacy among fans. Burgess has started selling his own wine: an inspired Pinot Noir called "Pinot by Tituss."

Titus's Most Controversial Role

Titus's one man show sparked controversy on and off screen when he portrayed a geisha named Murasaki (one of his past lives) on stage.

While it has been argued that this Season 2 episode is a response to critics' backlash, this clip still provides fans with another strong vocal performance from Burgess.

Titus Pays Tribute To His "National Anthem"

In Season 1, viewers were introduced to Titus and his relentless quest to become a star. In this clip, Titus asks everyone to stand for the "National Anthem," which turns out to be the theme song to America's Funniest Home Videos.

The clips that often circulate are usually Titus's big numbers, but it is little moments like this that really define his character. Having Titus burst into song in sporadic, randomized moments contribute to the zaniness of Kimmy Schmidt, making Titus a fan favorite.

Titus's Audition

Full disclosure: this moment in Season 2 cemented the legacy of Kimmy Schimidt for me. If fans were missing the delightful weirdos of 30 Rock, this was a welcome song calling them home. Titus is suffering from a fever in this scene, but, even so, does the song's content come as a surprise to viewers?

The piano player in this scene is none other than Jeff Richmond, Tina Fey's husband and show composer (he also composed the music for 30 Rock). In an interview with TV Guide, Richmond mentioned that he didn't come up with the lyrics for "Outside Bones."

Richmond said, "It's the funniest thing ever. Bones on the outside of your body?! Horrifying! I had nothing to do with that. I sang it to Tituss once. 'I think it goes like this, Tituss.' That's the other great thing about Tituss -- he's just a machine. 'I think it sounds like da-da-da-duh-duh,' and he says, 'Got it.' And he just does it."

Titus Pays Homage To Queen Bey

The teaser trailer for Season 3 featured Titus working through his boy troubles the only way one should: by "Lemonading."

Dressed in his Lemonade outfit and wielding a baseball bat worthy of Beyonce, Titus shows his vocal and creative range once again. Not only can the man sing Broadway tunes, but he's diva enough to take on Lemonade.

Right now, it's hard to tell if "Boobs in California" will become a part of Titus's discography. If the Season 3 song does become a Kimmy Schmidt classic, it will be in good company.

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