Can You Put Condoms On Sex Toys? 6 Dildos That Work With Protection
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Practicing safer sex is a top priority—right along with fevered passion—and that means hygiene practices and preparation. Not just for your body, but your sex toys, too. That indeed means the highly recommended practice of using condoms on dildos and sex toys, even though it might not seem totally necessary. But it's a smart idea!

It's indeed important to use condoms on dildos for safer sex and reducing the possibility of transmitting STI's, sex educator Jamie LeClaire, who holds an executive board position at YES! (Your Empowered Sexuality!), tells Bustle. "If you are sharing sex toys, you should absolutely be using condoms and changing them with each transfer of partner, or if moving from anal play to vaginal play. If you're playing solo, using condoms on dildos mean less cleanup!"

LeClaire says that's important to fully clean and sanitize dildos both before and after use. "If you use condoms you don't necessarily need to go through the same lengths to clean up. Instead, you just need a quick soap and water wipe down to get rid of any lube from the condom."

Furthermore, if you have or had an STI, there is a possibility of reinfecting yourself if you're not properly cleaning your toys, LeClaire says, and condoms add further protection from reinfection.

"Condoms shouldn't be used on POROUS dildos, as it can further degrade the material, but we really should not be using porous sex toys in the first place," LeClaire says. This includes material like PVC, jelly, rubber, TPE/TPR. So, don't forget to look at the ingredients of your sex toys.

"There are plenty affordable 100% non-porous sex toys by trusted retailers on the market, so avoiding porous toys should just be a given!" LeClaire says.

Again, non-porous dildos are what you want to use with condoms, LeClaire says. These include 100% silicone, glass, medical-grade stainless steel, wood or stone with special medical-grade finish, and hard ABS plastic.

"Another important thing to note is the types of condoms are best to use with dildos," LeClaire says. Unfortunately most condoms come pre-lubricated with silicone lube, and silicone lube is not compatible with silicone toys. So, it's best to avoid pre-lubricated condoms completely when playing with silicone toys, and instead use non-lubricated condoms, with a water-based lube of your choice!

Just another thing to keep in mind to maximize your enjoyment and safety!


Velvet Dildo by Fuze/Happy Valley

They call it velvet for a reason! This dildo is smooth, soft, and ready for play. This is both perfectly easy to slip a condom over, and it is harness compatible. It it even has ridges at the base so the wearer of the harness can be pleasure while pumping and grinding. Sex toy site "Early to Bed" quotes one of their own staff member's in the description of Velvet, who says, "I have nothing bad to say about this and that is rare. It is perfect!"

Try it for yourself, and do it with protection!


Corn On The Cob Dildo By SelfDelve

If you're looking for a dildo that doesn't look exactly like a penis, look no further. Double points here if you happen to be interested in some fantasy role play involving a 4th of July BBQ. This freakin' freaky corn on the cob shaped soft silicone dildo probably requires a Magnum condom, but as SheVibe says, "when the corn kernels pass over the vaginal walls" you're in for a really good time. Apparently, the corn even changes color from light yellow to golden due to the warmth of your body temperature!


SugaDaddy Suction Cup Dildo By Rock Candy

The twisted shaft is what makes this a particularly special and pleasure packed sex toy, as does the realistic "contoured swirl" penis head. A condom with water-based lube would go tell over this one, too, which is pliable and even softer/squishier than your average soft silicone. Very easy to move around as you please!

At 5.5 inches, SheVibe says it is a perfect piece to "reach your G or P spot." Give it a shot and see for yourself, you might be very glad you did indeed!


PinkCherry G Passion Glass Dildo

Glass dildos? Another wonderful option for using condoms, but these are particularly easy to clean. This pink, curved, rather pretty dildo has two tips, one shaped like a healthy teardrop, the other two glass knobs, with a lovely shaft in between replete with tiny beads for texture. For both vaginal or anal penetration!

Sex toy site PinkCherry recommends placing the dildo in cold or hot water before use for some extra sensations as you play on your own or with others...


Firefly Pleasures Glowing Silicone Dildo

Want your dildo to look like a penis? Cool, here's one! Except for the whole literally glowing baby blue color thing, this silicone dildo has veins, a urethra, and a realistic tip—doesn't leave a lot to the imagination! It's the the perfect thing to slide a condom over for some sexy solo play (remember, it makes cleanup a whole lot easier) or some partnered fun. PinkCherry says it is great for pegging!


The Venus Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

Venus, goddess of all things love and passion. That's who this straight up rose quartz dildo is named after, and it's smooth pinkness is easy to pop a condom on, and an easy thing to clean up, too!

According to Om Yoni, "rose Quartz help to cleanse toxic energies and release negative emotions you may have trapped within." Which is just an added bonus to getting off. Apparently it is also radiating with feminine vibes that stimulates the heart chakra, chakra of love, and the center of relationships with others and yourself. While it don't come cheap, those added benefits just might make it worth it.

There you are, a few ideas for great dildos to use with condoms during your super safe, and super sexy pleasure sessions.

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