Try This Highlighter Hack With The New Kylighters

OMG, you guys! Have you seen Kylie Jenner's new Kylighters? They look amazing and capitalize on the fact that glowing skin has become of the hottest trends in 2017. Sure, illuminated and radiant cheekbones and other glowy features are always in style. But major glow is #makeupgoals right now. So, can you use the Kylighters as eyeshadow? Will this highlighter hack apply to Jenner's latest product drop?

Well, judging from the swatches and the teases that the brand has shared on its socials, why the heck not?

So many bloggers, vloggers, and Insta makeup artists use products differently than they were intended and they get creative with household items, using bottle caps as tools or utensils as applicators.

It's gotta be an easy hack to use the Kylighters as eyeshadows, as long as you tread lightly and do it correctly. My personal recommendation, since I have subbed highlighters as eyeshadows plenty of times in the past, would be to use the Kylighter as a base wash or as a brown bone highlighter, both above and below the actual brow. You could also use a small brush to pop the colors into the inner or outer corners of eyes for a little extra oopmh.

It's 2017 and hacks reign supreme and the only rules are that there are no rules! Go ahead and make a reminder in your phone for Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. You want to be a glow-getter, don't you?

These swatches demonstrate the texture and the shades. Any one of these would make a great supplemental shadow! They are calling out to the inner corners of my eyes. Of course you'd need to use an effective shadow primer and apply carefully. But you got this.

Jenner really opted for a variety of shades, making these super versatile and, as I've suggested, shadow-ready. The cute, foodie names are making me hungry, though!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Kylie Cosmetics/Twitter (1)