Can You Use Videos In The New Instagram Update?

On Wednesday, Instagram announced the rollout of a brand new feature allowing users to upload up to 10 photos and videos in one post. Similar to its parent company Facebook, the update allows users to enter their camera roll and choose photos to add. Falling somewhere between an Instagram Story and a regular post, the combination of these two allows you to tell a story of a particular event or time. Uploaded videos can be a maximum of 60 seconds long. Users can tag friends in individual videos and then filter them as part of the group or on their own.

I know personally, I usually refrain from using videos, other than boomerangs, for Instagram posts, but I do love the idea of having videos within a group of pictures. It adds a more personal feel to the post and allows your followers to feel like they were there. You can simply scroll through the collection of images and videos to view each. Also, since you can choose which image will be your cover photo, you can still have a picture show up on your profile.


Unlike Insta Stories, you can still filter and trim the video to show a cleaned-up version. This feature is perfect for celebrities and bloggers who want to connect with their followers while maintaining an image. I can also see brands using this to release campaigns because it ensures their followers will see each of the images or videos.

This gallery-like feature will ensure you can share the whole story of your experience. Plus, now you'll have an excuse when your friends keep asking why you're filming your every move.