This Bubbly Sangria Has Pretty Much Broken The Internet & Summer Hasn't Even Started

Sangria is, far and wide, the best summer drink. Chilled wine? Check. Fruit? Check. A mysterious amount of alcohol of unclear origin? Double check. Sangria lives somewhere in the valley between wine and a cocktail, and it is a perfect companion to a plate of chips or calamari somewhere by the sea, (or, you know, inside a heavily air-conditioned bar, whichever!) Now, there's a bubbly sangria, dubbed Capriccio, for you to enjoy this summer — if you can handle the 13.9 percent ABV it harbors, that is.

According to Delish, Puerto Rican brand Capriccio has been making the boozy, bubbly sangria since 2014. According to Capriccio's website, the drink is now the "number one selling sangria in the caribbean," and can be drunk out of the bottle or chilled on ice. It's certainly a very pretty bottle design, and any bubbly booze, like Prosecco, asti wine, and champagne, is A-OK by me, which means this little baby's probably both tasty and super summer ready.

On the other hand, a 13.9 percent ABV is a tad steep. Wine usually clocks in at around an 11.6 percent ABV, with beer at 4.5 percent, and liquor at 37 percent (hence, of course, why you can't drink a full glass of whiskey, no matter how heartily your friends dare you you to). Some folks have been likening the Capriccio bubbly sangria to Four Loko, the fearsome energy drink/alcoholic beverage combo that was popular at the beginning of the decade:

Apparently, the bubbly drink's really taken a hold, and places are selling out of their stock like wildfire. "Why is it easier to buy a gun in Texas than some Capriccio Bubbly Sangria?" one person quipped on Twitter. A West Coaster attempted to get her hands on the drink, only to discover she was on the wrong side of the country:

As high as people are proclaiming the drink's booze content to be, the manufacturers say it's really nothing crazy (though, obviously, imbibers should drink responsibly). "Capriccio is made from 100 percent natural fruit juices and grape wine with no additives or preservatives," spokesperson Dave Steiner told Mens Health, noting that each bottle is two glasses of wine.

So, this bubbly sangria is one potential summer drink option, now that the sun looks like it's sticking around for a bit. Here are some other options:

Nauti Rosé Seltzer

Source: Nauti/Instagram

Nauti's Rosé seltzer is basically a rosé spritzer, which is the perfect lightweight summer drink option. These babies come at a respectable 5 percent ABV (slightly higher than beer, much lower than wine) and are packaged in cute little cans that you can sneak onto the beach, should you choose. "We wanted to offer a new, convenient alternative for rosé drinkers to extend those occasions where they can enjoy the flavor of rosé," spokesperson Christian McMahan said when the drink was released in March. IN.

Aldi's Bottled Mimosas

Source: Aldi

I literally cannot think of a better way to start your day than with a mimosa at the beach, so Aldi's' $9 bottled mimosas are sort of a perfect creation. You can take these babies anywhere, and when you're ready to pop 'em open, you've got a bubbly little breakfast treat to get the morning going. A+ summer content, would click again.

Disney World's Pink Champagne

Disney Parks Blog

Disney World's pink champagne is both picturesque and and bubbly treat for your tastebuds, and I am fully in favor of booking an IMMEDIATE trip to Orlando just to try it out. The drink, dubbed "Millennial Pink Celebration Toast," comes topped with pink Mickey Mouse ears. You can purchase it at Amorette's Patisserie in the Disney Springs retail and entertainment corridor, though I'm praying it makes its way to the IRL world sometime soon.