Cara Delevingne's Metallic Pink Hair Will Have You Over Pastels

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pastel hair has been all the rage these past couple of years, inspiring hairdos that look like pink cotton candy and pretty pastries. But while there's probably no stopping the soft, daydream-like shades from continuing, Cara Delevingne's metallic pink hair may just make you want to go chrome for the rest of the summer.

Delevingne has been something of a bold hair chameleon this past season, doing everything from shaving her head bald for a role, to painting it silver, to rocking a peroxide blonde buzz, so it's no shocker she decided something out of the box and trendsetting again. The look debuted on her stylist's, Mara Roszak's, Instagram page, where she treated fans to a closeup of the silvery crop. Delevingne was in Mexico City for her last stop for the Valerian premiere tour, so she decided to try something memorable for the wrap. And while short hair might sometimes get a reputation for being limiting (you can't play with braids or up-dos with so little length,) Roszak wanted to set the record straight on how far from the truth that was. "Short hair is incredibly versatile," she captioned underneath the photo. "For any woman considering the chop, DO IT!" You might not be able to pile it high onto your head, but there are still so many creative things you can do with a short crop.

"Honestly, just one look at Delevingne's sparkling cotton candy hair is enough to make us tempted to reach for the scissors immediately," Allure agreed. And seeing how it's a metallic shade, it seems to shift in color depending how much light is available. "In some lights, it almost looks rose gold, and in others, a perfect combination of shimmering grey and baby pink," Allure reported.

If you want to copy the look yourself, there are some great at-home coloring kits you can try out to achieve the same shade.

1. Igora Pearlessence

Igora Pearlessence, $15, Walmart

If you choose the shade "Pastel Candy" you'll get a similar silver-tinged shade like Delevingne's. Whether you have a short crop or waist-long hair, it will look beautiful on either.

2. Pravana

Pravana, $8, Discount Beauty Center

If you select the "Precious Metals Rose Gold" hue, you can sport a chrome pink look for the rest of the summer.

3. L'Oreal Washout Hair

L'Oreal Washout Pink Hair, $8, Feel Unique

If you want to try out the metallic shade for just a week, then L'Oreal's Washout Hair line will be perfect for the occasion. Give yourself a makeover just for a handful of days, and then go back to your natural hue after.

Whether you want to copy the actress's silvery crop or just admire it from afar, you have to admit Delevingne always brings it when it comes to coif inspiration.