Cardi B Is Making 'Tonight Show' History & You Won't Want To Miss It

In Cardi B's 2017 summer hit "Bodak Yellow," the rapper boasts things like "I'm a boss" and "You in the club just to party / I'm there, I get paid a fee." In doing so, she's proven the age-old adage that "confidence is the key to success," and it also helps to have an irresistible personality. Now with her talent, confidence, and humor, Cardi B is making Tonight Show history as the first-ever co-host of the show. That's right, according to The New York Times, Cardi's appearance will mark the first time two people have shared the role as host of The Tonight Show. The rapper will join Jimmy Fallon on April 9, when she will also perform songs from her upcoming album, Invasion of Privacy.

Cardi B's co-hosting role on The Tonight Show might make history for the nightly talk show with a 64-year history, but that's not exactly surprising for the "Bodak Yellow" rapper. That's because Cardi's December appearance on The Tonight Show instantly went viral, with the YouTube clip of the five-minute interview garnering over 16 million views. Cardi's chemistry with Fallon was undeniably, and it will be exciting to see them together again on Monday's show — but it begs the question: Why doesn't Cardi B have her own late-night show? The current demographics of late-night talk shows is overwhelmingly both white and male, with Full Frontal with Samantha Bee providing the only female-led nighttime talkshow that's currently on air.

It would be incredible to see a woman of color join the ranks of Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert as a late-night talk show host, and one can only hope that she's headed in that direction with her upcoming appearance on The Tonight Show.

The news that Cardi will co-host The Tonight Show comes just one day after the rapper released a new music video for her song "Bartier Cardi." In it, Cardi flaunts her life of luxury, as she should. In her new song, the rapper presents a similar theme to "Bodak Yellow," as she proves once again that she has the confidence to last her a lifetime. "Cardi took your man, you upset, uh. Cardi got rich, they upset, yeah," the rapper sings. If she could serve that self-assuredness every night on a talk show, everyone would be pleased.

Even though her performance on The Tonight Show exciting in and of itself, the fact that Cardi B will co-host the show and join Fallon in interviewing the show's guests secures the the event as something you must not miss. Seeing as the rapper always has the best answers to interviewer's questions, including the time she said that she feels "Butterflies in my stomach and vagina” while on the Grammys red carpet.

The way that Cardi is both completely herself and completely candid on every TV appearance makes her the perfect candidate for her own TV show. Plus, she already has TV experience from her time on VH1's Love and Hip-Hop. If Cardi B wants to host her own late night show, then she definitely should get the opportunity. Nobody has to tell her that, though, because it's clear that the Invasion of Privacy rapper already knows that she deserves whatever she wants.

It's a well-known fact that Cardi B had the best 2017 out of anyone — what with her record-breaking "Bodak Yellow" and public engagement to her beau Offset. But her milestones haven't stopped there, with Invasion of Privacy coming out on April 6 and a musical performance on Saturday Night Live April 7. It looks like the rapper from the Bronx will only continue to break barriers and make "money moves" in 2018.