Cardi B Wore A Bra & Robe Onstage After A Wardrobe Malfunction & STILL Slayed

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As history has proven time and again, a performance in the entertainment business doesn’t always g according to plan. Cardi B just had a wardrobe malfunction during a set, and had to spit bars in just a bra, robe, and thong. Not that it thwarted her ability to recover like the boss she is.

Cardi is no stranger to fashion mishaps, and the one she muddled through during her late night set at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee didn’t have her pressed either. According to Cosmopolitan, Cardi had been wearing a skin-tight sparkly jumpsuit. Unfortunately for the rapper, her outfit clocked out early and split in the back, her zipper and all was lost.

"I just wanna let y’all know that my outfit rip,” Cardi said before leaving the stage to find a new outfit.


But like she says in that DJ Khaled song, “Cardi don’t need no press,” and kept it moving while wearing a bra, bathrobe, and a pair if white undies. Who doesn’t love an impromptu quick change queen? “We gonna keep it moving, baby,” Cardi said to the crowd. “We gonna keep it sexy. I don’t know how in this [expletive] robe, but we gonna do it!”

Being the professional she is, Cardi dusted it off her shoulder like nothing.

RIP to this cute orange, blue, pink, and purple jumpsuit, though. You were a real one.


This is hardly Cardi's first mishap with costumes, but she's never let her clothes or accessories ruin the quality of her appearances or performances.

In February, the rapper had let fans into the preparation of her Grammys performance look in a Vogue video, showing how designers reshaped a Mugler Couture piece to fit perfectly to Cardi's shape.

However, during the show on the Grammys stage, it was her giant necklace that had a malfunction and completely fell off. And yet again, Cardi was too focused on her performance to notice the darn thing. A true artist.

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The one other time the queen of the Bardi Gang has stopped a show for the sake of tending to a wardrobe malfunction was back in January to fix a wedgie. Cardi had been performing only days after New Years at the Bay Dreams concert in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand when she twerked and wined until her butt couldn't take it anymore.

"Anyways, y'all, I need a little break!" she told the audience, according to a video from The Daily Mail. "I'll be right back, I gotta take this wedgie out my ass."

Being as blatant as ever, Cardi quickly left the stage for a brief moment to tend to her wedgie, but came back with the banging Bardi hits like nothing ever happened.

Cardi understands that the struggle can be real when the curves don't accommodate a bodycon performance costume, resulting in an improvised wardrobe change. But like any true professional in showbiz knows, the show must go on, even while wearing just your bra and a bathrobe.