Cardi B Was Completely Unrecognizable At Paris Fashion Week — Because Her Outfit Covered Her Entire Face

During Fashion Week, the streets of Paris are filled with experimental outfits and out-there couture. Street style enthusiasts let their imagination run wild with teetering platforms and clashing prints. But none of them hold a candle to the true queen of style: Cardi B. Her floral outfit for 2019 Paris Fashion Week was the artist's most experimental look yet. The head-to-toe floral ensemble covered her entire body — including her face — with a repeating kitschy '70s print.

The artist staged a quick photo shoot wearing the look in front of the Eiffel Tower on Sept. 28, right before attending her lineup of Spring shows. The complex ensemble was designed by British designer Richard Quinn, who has a definitive interest in florals. During the presentation of Quinn's Spring 2020 collection, the runway was filled with frothy floral cocktail dresses. The puffed sleeves and over-sized bows made the gowns look like porcelain doll dresses.

Cardi's outfit in Paris, while not from this collection, fit right in. It was an intricate look, with a lot of moving parts to it. The outfit consisted of a belted jacket, an ankle-length pleated skirt, gloves, tights, and mask — all in the same busy pattern. That exact ensemble was first showcased on the runway during London Fashion Week as part of Quinn's Fall 2019 collection.

Though Cardi was in incognito, fans and paparazzi still surrounded her. Not that she noticed. "I'm here to serve it to you cold," she said of her outfit in an Instagram video. "Make sure a car don't hit me, because a b*tch can't see."

Quinn is well known for his "gimp masks," and they make repeated appearances in many of his collections. The designer deftly mixes bondage themes with ditzy florals, blending retro fashion designs with pieces reminiscent of London's '80s underground club scene.

If Cardi's outfit feels slightly familiar, it might be because you saw Kendall Jenner wear one of Quinn's designs at the 2019 Emmys. Right after her stint in Milan Fashion Week, Kendall made a surprise appearance on the Emmys red carpet wearing a bold floral mermaid gown. The Old Hollywood-like dress came complete with a latex turtleneck.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Cardi B made a show stopping entrance in Paris with her Quinn ensemble, she still had more looks to serve up that weekend. On Sept. 29, Cardi sat front row at the Thom Browne show, who happened to be the designer behind her 2019 Met Gala look.

Cardi wore a padded '80s power suit to the show, complete with rounded reading glasses. The rapper dubbed the look "The Teacher" on Instagram. Cardi completed the look with a handbag big enough to be a carry-on, which she introduced to her Instagram followers via Stories. “This is a crocodile $60,000 bag. This is great, an amazing investment," Cardi said in the video, according to WWD.

That same day, Cardi changed into a custom outfit that consisted of a Aliétte bodysuit and Edda Gimnes coat.

Cardi B won Paris Fashion Week this year thanks to her lineup of incredible couture outfits. From floral face masks to padded blazers, the rapper brought her A-game to the City of Light.