Carly's Wedding Dress From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Is So Dramatic & Chris Harrison Would Approve

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Since weddings are basically the bread and butter of the Bachelor franchise, it should pretty much go without saying that Carly Waddell's wedding dress from Bachelor in Paradise is next-level gorgeous. After all, what would a photogenic televised wedding be without some serious eye-candy fashion choices?

Carly and her styling team definitely delivered with an absolutely showstopping wedding dress for her big day. Handpicked from a recent Idan Cohen fashion show, Carly's dress was nicknamed the "Mercedes" on the runway — and it's easy to see why.

The dress is fancy, luxurious, and intricate — somehow both unique and traditional. The off-white gown features a dramatic mermaid silhouette, with a good deal of volume at the bottom of the skirt that takes things to next level. The full skirt is perfectly balanced with a beautifully structured corset-like bodice and a romantic sweetheart neckline. The whole dress is also adorned with delicate, laser-cut lace and floral motifs, rendered in bright white to contrast with the beige, off-white color of the gown.

Carly's dress was styled gorgeously with a loose side braid and minimal makeup. Let's take a look at the whole ensemble in action.

ABC/Paul Hebert

Beautiful, right? Her look was modern and of the moment, while also looking like something straight out of a fairy tale. And the setting definitely lived up to the whole "Bachelor in Paris" moniker.

ABC/Paul Hebert

Up close, we can see that her understated drop earrings and chic neutral nails ensure that her intricate gown takes center stage.

ABC/Paul Hebert

So swoon-worthy. And baby makes three for this beautiful, happy couple...