‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Are Not Pleased With Eric After He Took A Date With Cassandra

ABC/ Paul Hebert; marcgtheater/Twitter

The premise of Bachelor in Paradise has never changed. New people come in with date cards every single episode. Nevertheless, it always seems so shocking when someone shows up and asks out a "taken" person, even though technically they all accepted roses to stay there. On Tuesday, Cassandra really shook things up on Bachelor in Paradise when she asked out Eric. She did exactly what she was asked to do (hand out a date card), yet drama ensued.

Eric's (previous?) relationship with Angela did not get a lot of screen time, until Tuesday night's episode when they finally went out on a date. Then Cassandra showed up a had an interest in Eric — what a coincidence. As the saying goes, the devil works hard, but the Bachelor in Paradise producers really do work harder. The timing of new arrivals always seems a bit contrived.

Nevertheless, Eric didn't have to go out on that date. He also didn't have to tell Angela that he's "all in" with her multiple times and that he wouldn't accept date invites from other women, but he did. Of course, Angela was feeling confident in their relationship, which is why she was so blindsided when Eric said yes to Cassandra. How did Eric go from being "all in" with Angela to "taking it slow" with Angela? What a convenient change in verbiage.

Still, it's not as if Cassandra had a lot of choices joining the show this late in the game. There are so many "relationships" at this point. Almost anyone she chose would've been a controversial choice and that's why everyone was on-edge. If Eric, the horoscope-loving man full of sage advice, could change his mind overnight, what about their guys? And he literally did change his mind overnight. He told Angela he "woke up feeling different." Was that before or after Cassandra walked in oozing perfection?

The Bachelor in Paradise fandom had a lot to say about Eric. Is he still a fan-favorite? That could be determined next week, but in the meantime, people had plenty to tweet about Tuesday night's episode.

He Said He Didn't Want To Go On Dates With Anyone Else

That was a very rapid turnaround, Eric.

He "Woke Up Feeling Differently"

Eric claimed that he "woke up feeling differently" about his relationship with Angela. How does going on a perfect date and getting along with zero conflict add up to anything but optimism about a relationship?

He Didn't Hesitate To Accept That Date

Angela, who? Eric appeared to have zero hesitation accepting Cassandra's invite.

He Was "All In"

The meaning of "all in" seemed very clear, but apparently not to Eric.

He's In A Sticky situation

Eric and Angela went from being getting zero screentime to having the cutest date ever only to have drama immediately after.

He Wanted To Have His Cake & Eat It Too

What is with these guys saying they need to go on dates with other women in order to figure out how they feel about their current relationships? It's happening way too frequently.

Even Jordan Was Shook By Cassandra's Arrival

Jordan's loyalty to Jenna never wavered, but even he had to admit that Cassandra caught his eye.

Almost Every Guy Was Tempted By Cassandra

Even the guys in relationships could not help being tempted by Cassandra's Paradise arrival.

He Let Down Some Fans

Eric disappointed the fans... and Angela.

Annaliese Seemed Shook By Her Arrival

Is it a coincidence that Annaliese started making out with Kamil right in front of Cassandra when she first arrived? Probably not, but it was a pretty comical moment.

What Happened To "Miracle Season"?

Eric will not stop talking about how it's "miracle season," but accepting that date invite was very short of a "miracle."

He Just Had The Best Date

Eric's date with Angela had endless champagne, ice cream, cheese, and even a golden toilet. How is it going to get any better than that?

He Changed His Mind VERY Quickly

He was "all in" and then all of a sudden "taking it slow." Wow, that was quite the about-face.

He Even Incorporated His Last Name Into The Date Card

It's not as if Cassandra randomly asked and he accepted. He even pointed out that the card said "go big or go home" and that his last name is Bigger.

Even though the Bachelor in Paradise rules have been clear from the start, it's still tough to see Angela so distressed. It makes sense that Eric would be intrigued by Cassandra, but maybe he should have been more careful talking to Angela and claiming to be "all in" when he was actually open to other relationship possibilities.