Cassie From 'The Bachelor' Is On *Another* Reality Show That's Currently On The Air

ABC/Craig Sjodin

So maybe that's where you'd seen her before. Not only was Cassie from The Bachelor on another reality show, but new episodes of said online docuseries, Young Once, are actually set to air this month in tandem with her journey to win Colton Underwood's heart on the ABC hit. Making matters slightly more awkward: On the first season of Young Once, which is "about a group of teens from Southern California living out their Christian faith as they attend Biola University," per Marie Claire, the aspiring speech pathologist was in a relationship with on-again, off-again boyfriend, basketball player Caelan Tiongson.

And judging by the Young Once Season 2 trailer, things are still, well, complicated. "When we initially broke up, and she kind of hurt me, I was like, god, just don't let me think about this girl," Tiongson said in the clip. "Then there's times when I was like, god, I just want her back."

While in one scene Cassie says, "I feel like because he was so into me for so long, that maybe he needs someone like me," later in the trailer, she refers to herself and Tiongson as "friends," which leads Cassie's ex to ask her, "Are we?"

After apparently "getting a lot of questions" about her ex, Cassie took to Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 6 to address the confusion and rumors head-on in a lengthy caption, noting that Young Once filmed before The Bachelor:

"Caelan and I dated all through college and in 2015 we filmed Young Once.' A while after our breakup we put our past behind us and became friends again. We share a lot of mutual friends and he is close to my family. We both dated other people and had moved on. While we were never officially a couple again, there was a time last spring that we considered getting back together, but that didn’t work out."

Cassie went on to explain that "over the summer, unexpectedly and out of the blue," they were approached about filming a second season of Young Once, which put the exes "back in each other's lives as our social circle overlaps." One storyline, she said, highlighted their "drawn out/complex relationship and the challenged of us staying friends post breakup and whether it is possible or not." Added the Huntington Beach native, "The timing of everything was completely chance."

ABC/Rick Rowell

Hours earlier, Tiongson also addressed his relationship with Cassie in his own Instagram post. "Make no mistake that Young Once was filmed before The Bachelor, and the fact that they are airing at the same time is a strategy to attract viewers," he wrote. "Both Cassie and I made mistakes in our relationship, but I think we’d both agree it dragged out much too long anyways. This is because I persistently pursued a reunion and she knowingly kept the door open at times because of indecisiveness, neither of which matters because it has been over for good since before she went on The Bachelor."

Tiongson also took the opportunity to defend his ex in the post, which included a picture of the pair with two friends: "The reality of the situation is that Cassie is a great girl ... I heard Cassie was receiving a lot of negativity for our past relationship. I thought this would be the best way to preserve the truth and encourage the trolls to check themselves before tearing down a good human being. Life is about moving forward, not dwelling on the past."

With that mystery solved, Cassie can now focus on her Bachelor frontrunner status, as Colton continues to whittle down his pool of potential future wives.