Cassie & Colton From 'The Bachelor' Already Have So Much In Common

Rick Rowell/ABC

Not only is it a hassle to try out for a show like The Bachelor, it’s a huge leap of faith — you have to give up your life, your job, your dog for up to three months to see if you’re going to fall in love with a person you only vaguely know from his already being featured on another show about people falling in love. It could be worth it. And even if it’s not, the women on The Bachelor walk away with some true-blue friendships. Like, Cassie from Colton’s season of The Bachelor. She seems like a cool girl to hang out with, and she actually might be trying to maintain some privacy, which is a sign of intelligence in my opinion.

According to her ABC profile, Cassie is a “true native Californian,” which I think means she pans for gold, eats organically, and says things like “so stoked.” (I kid.) In reality, Cassie, “grew up at the beach,” and she likes to surf in her free time. Other fun facts, according to ABC? She likes Top Gun, because her cats are named Maverick and Goose. (Wonder what the other Goose thinks of that.) She’s been skydiving before, and it’s the “most outrageous thing she’s done.” She will also never turn her back on her family, which is important — Colton is also a very family-centric kind of person.

When Cassie is not hanging with her cats or surfing, she is finishing up a degree in speech pathology, and she hopes to use that degree one day to open up her own private practice to work with children. For what it’s worth, Colton is also involved with children’s charities, another thing these two have in common.

In terms of Cassie’s social media, well, she’s definitely trying to throw looky-loos like myself (and every other Bachelor fan) off her scent when it comes to her Facebook profile. Her main profile picture shows a woman with dark hair, and Cassie is blonde. A look through Cassie’s Instagram shows that she’s super close with her sister, Michelle, an actress, and that brunette is actually Michelle, who dyed her hair dark for a role in a Snow White movie. How can you tell? Michelle used the same snap in her own Instagram. Michelle is in most of the pictures on this account, so they must have swapped Facebooks or something.

Cassie’s Instagram (which seems to be actually hers) shows more current looks into her life, but what might be most interesting to those who are trying to figure out her compatibility with Colton is that Cassie’s Instagram profile says “psalm 46:10.” That particular psalm is, “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” Colton is not shy about his faith, and between that and their dedication to charity and family, boy, does it seem like Cassie and Colton are a good match.

How far will Cassie make it on The Bachelor? That has yet to be seen, but she has a good family and a good foundation in terms of gelling with Colton. But we’ll all have to tune into The Bachelor on January 7 to find out.