'Bachelor' Duo Colton & Cassie Encountered A Stingray During An Isolation Break

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While not everyone is following the guidelines of social distancing and isolation in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Mother Nature is now taking it upon herself to send out a clear message to start taking the pandemic a little more seriously — and she's starting with Bachelor couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. On Monday, March 16, Colton revealed that Cassie had been stung by a stingray while the duo were out enjoying a “quick trip to the ocean." The goal had been to take a small break from their ongoing self-isolation process in Los Angeles, hoping that the fresh air would do them some good. Unfortunately for Cassie, the stingray had other plans.

“While we were in isolation yesterday we decided to take a quick trip to the ocean and swim," Colton explained in the caption of an Instagram video, which showed Cassie soaking her foot to help ease her pain from the sting. "It was cut short after a sting ray stung @cassierandolph in the foot." Colton went on to joke that he felt the injury was a direct sign from Mother Nature, giving them a "warning shot to get back inside" and continue to quarantine themselves from the outside world — stingrays included.

Colton did his best to try and distract Cassie from the pain she was feeling, but to avail. "I tried to take her mind off of it by playing UNO (It did not work)," he admitted. "Thank you all for your prayers and concerns... after about 5 hours of pain and a weird reaction to the venom...Cass is doing much better."

For her part, Cassie posted some footage of the incident herself, explaining how she seemed to be allergic to the venom, which resulted in a trip to the ER "after getting hives and my entire leg was swelling." She also admitted that the lifeguard on duty had warned everyone of the high probability of getting stung by a stingray and that she had chosen to ignore it — one mistake she never intends on doing again.

"Oh, and to the lifeguard that was announcing (exact words) 'surfers and swimmers, there are many stingrays out there, you WILL get stung, you WILL be in pain, and your day WILL be ruined' ..I will heed your warning next time," she captioned the video.

The lifeguard wasn't over-exaggerating. Though stingray sightings didn't used to be quite so common, officials told the Los Angeles Times in October 2019 that a record number of 176 people were stung by stingrays in just one day in the Huntington Beach area, which is where Cassie is from. But whether it was a sign from Mother Nature or just pure bad luck, odds are that Colton and Cassie won't be venturing out to the beach anytime soon.

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