11 Harry Potter Accessories You Need For Your 20th Anniversary Celebration

by Kerri Jarema

The 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter, or more specifically, the U.S. publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone falls on September 1. And if HP fans are known for anything, it's for throwing a pretty spectacular wizarding world celebration. Just one of many ways you can take part in the revelry of two decades of Harry Potter love is by picking up some new merch, of course. If you're anything like me, you just can't resist snagging a new HP-themed t-shirt or one of many adorable Funko Pop dolls that have been made in our favorite wizards' images — and you're in luck because new items are being released in Hogwarts letter-worthy droves between now and September.

Below are 11 of the best new Harry Potter merch items you can snag for the 20th anniversary. From clothing to homewares, jewelry to decorations — and yes, even books — you're sure to find something great to add to your collection. And, not to worry you, but the gifting season is only a mere five months away, so you could always squirrel away a few of these special picks for family, friends and other fellow Potterheads. Because is there any better gift than the gift of magic? I don't think so.

The Special 20th Anniversary Editions Of The HP Series

First and foremost, you're going to need to add another set of the seven book series to your collection. Sorry, I don't make the rules. But you won't even have to think twice when you take a look at Brian Selznick's illustrations on these 20th anniversary paperback editions of the books from Scholastic. You can buy each individually now, or wait for the boxed set to be released on Aug. 28.

Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone, $6.15, Amazon

Alex & Ani's Latest Harry Potter Jewelry Collection

Alex & Ani has stunned us with gorgeous Potter-themed jewelry before, but their latest collection contains even more jaw-dropping prettiness. From owl post earrings to Golden Snitch rings and the bibliophile bracelet of your library loving dreams, these are the trinkets you need to add to your jewelry box this September.

'When In Doubt' Charm Bangle, $38, Alex & Ani

Out Of Print's T-Shirts Featuring Harry Potter Book Covers

OK, I know, you probably already have a half wardrobes worth of Harry Potter clothing. But how could you possibly say no to these adorable Out of Print t-shirts, which feature the classic Mary GrandPré covers of the first three HP books? I mean, they're practically vintage at this point, and we all know you were among the OG HP fans, right?

Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets T-Shirt, $28, Out Of Print

The Newest Harry Potter Funko Pop Dolls

Because all of my friends and family know I am HP-obsessed, I own more than half of all the Harry Potter Funkos that have been released thus far — no, I am not kidding. Yes, I have banned them for buying me any more of these cuties. But that doesn't mean you can't indulge in the latest collection, which includes everything from this adorably transparent Nearly Headless Nick to Harry, Ron and Hermione in their Herbology finest. Your bookcase needs to be decorated with these, trust me.

Nearly Headless Nick Funko Pop Doll, $10.99, Amazon

One Or More Of These Harry Potter Barbie Dolls Because, Obviously

So you haven't played with a Barbie doll in about a decade...or more. The cuteness of these soon-to-be-released HP dolls from Mattel do not care how old you are; they demand to be purchased and lovingly collected. The dolls will be available for purchase on Aug. 3, so you don't have much longer to wait — you'd better pick your favorite one now. We'll let you decide whether you want to keep this one in the box.

Harry Potter Mattel Dolls, $20.97 each, Walmart

The Next Batch Of Kitchen Accessories From Williams-Sonoma

When Williams-Sonoma released their first collection of Harry Potter-themed cookery, they kept it pretty simple. But they've since expanded the line to include everything from adorable cookie cutters to fabulous aprons, and even Harry Potter cakes — you know, just in case you really want to get in the celebratory mood this Sept. 1.

Harry Potter House Crest Cookie Cutters (Set of 4), $16.95, Williams-Sonoma

A Harry Potter Pop-Up Book That Will Get You Even Closer To The Magic

There have been Harry Potter pop-up books before, but no seemingly so magical as the upcoming Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts, due out this Oct. 23. Promising to be an interactive guide to the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry, the book features pop-up re-creations of key locations inside and outside Hogwarts castle, and it opens flat to form a pop-up map of the castle and its grounds. In addition to large pops on each spread, numerous mini-pops will bring to life beloved elements from the Harry Potter films, such as the Marauder's Map and the Flying Ford Anglia.

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts, $45, Amazon

A Classic HP Ornament To Bring Even More Magic To Your Tree This Year

This special 20th anniversary ornament joins a large collection of HP ornaments and cards from Hallmark on Oct. 6. Artist Anita Marra Rogers has crafted a 3-D plastic Christmas tree ornament (or, you know, a wherever you want to put it ornament) that perfectly recreates the classic cover of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone. Just look at that little pop-out Golden Snitch...if you can resist buying this, well, I cannot relate.

Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Ornament, $17.99, Hallmark

A Weasley-Inspired Sweater Because Fall Will Be Here Before You Know It

Australian clothing company BlackMilk released their amazing collection of Harry Potter themed clothes this past June — this flowing Marauder's Map skirts and shiny velvet leggings — and there are still plenty more pieces left to be added to your fall wardrobe. Start with the squee-worthy cuteness of these Weasley-inspired jumpers and then just try not stop yourself from adding every single piece to your cart.

Ron's Christmas Sweater, $47.96 USD, BlackMilk

An Illustrated Tales Of Beedle The Bard Because Hermione Would Want One, Too

Even if you haven't already been hooked by the gorgeous Jim Kay illustrated editions of the original series that is slowly being released into the world, you might not be able to resist this upcoming illustrated edition of The Tales of Beedle The Bard — at least, not if you're embracing your Hermione side to the fullest. It's being released on Oct. 9, but you can add it to your pre-order list right now.

The Tales of Beedle The Bard, $22.48, Amazon

The Perfect Fall Purse, Because You're Ready To Vamp Up Your Wardrobe

While it might not get chilly right away, come September you are totally justified in adding some of your Autumnal favorites back into your a wardrobe. And this purse? Yeah, it's about to become your most worn accessory. The burgundy velvet bag features a chic chain and HP charms like a feather and a doe, all dangling from a wand. I know, I already added it to my cart, too.

Harry Potter Wand Velvet Crossbody Bag, $39.90, Box Lunch