See Celebs Feminist Clothing At The Women's March

by Kali Borovic

In case you've been living under a rock, you'll know that the Women's March has arrived. Hundred of thousands of people all over the world are standing up to fight for women's rights and equality for all. Many, celebrities, from Chelsea Handler to Ariana Grande, have joined the fight as well and are wearing feminist clothing at the Women's March. Believe me when I say that these outfits will inspire you to bust out some gear of your own.

Even since the Women's March was just an idea, A-listers have made it known that they were in full support. People aren't just taking over Washington, D.C. either. There are over 600 Sister Marches planned all over the world as well. While there is tons of great feminist apparel out there, celebrities are rocking some of the best.

From graphic tees to pink hats and everything in between, there are some really great outfits out there. Because just like a voice can make a difference, what you wear can also speak volumes. Of course, wearing a t-shirt is not all you should be doing — it's important to take action as well. But your outfit can be the beginning of the conversation. Here are some of the best pieces of feminist apparel at the Women's March, worn by celebs, so you can be inspired to rock your own gear as well.

1. Amy Schumer

#Science? If you look closely you can see that Schumer is wearing feminist buttons.

2. Chelsea Handler

Pussy Hat power!

3. Zendaya

VogueMagazine Snapchat

Zendaya's shirt reads "respect, protect, love the black woman." Hell. Yes.

4. Ariana Grande

It's hard to tell, but the shirt has an image of Malala Yousafzai and appears to say "fight like a girl."

5. Melissa Benoist

Short, sweet, and to the point.

6. Amber Tamblyn

Peep that pink Planned Parenthood hat.

7. Amy Poehler

I spy a pink Poehler scarf.

8. Debra Messing

I need that hat right now.

9. Lena Dunham


10. Janelle Monae

This might just be my favorite shirt of the whole day.

11. Madonna

It's hard to read, but Madonna's shirt had the definition for feminist on it.

12. Katy Perry

Perry rocked a bright pink jacket a feminist pin.

13. Jenny Slate

A pink Planned Parenthood hat from the Parks & Rec star.

14. Gina Rodriguez

Rodriguez opted for a statement-making tee, and I'm totally here for it!

More to come...