Celebrities Met Their Fans At The 2017 Oscars

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In what may either be the best or the worst bit to have ever happened at the Academy Awards (depending on who you ask), thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, celebrities met their fans at the 2017 Oscars. Let's just say the reactions from both the celebs and the fans were priceless. It's hard to say for certain if the fans, who came off a Hollywood tour bus, knew what and/or where they were walking into or not, but either way, they certainly took advantage of meeting some of the most famous and popular celebs around.

Upon walking into the Dolby Theatre, these tour guests had their phones ready to snap selfies, take videos, and whatever else they could to capture every single moment and celebrity they met. Most of the famous faces were into it, too. For example, Denzel Washington "married" an engaged couple. Then, Mahershala Ali let a man hold his Oscar and took a selfie with him. Oh, and even Ryan Gosling got out of his seat to introduce himself to the fans.

Yes, all of this went down at the Oscars. I know, it sounds crazy, and, well, it certainly was. And it's definitely being talked about — a lot. With that, here are a few of the reactions for your viewing pleasure.

Meeting Denzel

This woman is every Denzel Washington fan.

Selfie Time

If only we could all be that lucky, right?

Ryan Shaking Hands

Nicest celeb ever?

Jennifer Aniston Is Happy

Hi, Jennifer!

Nicole Reaching Out

Yes, Nicole Kidman. Yes.

Emma Trying To Wave

Sorry, Emma Stone, but Gary doesn't care.

More Ryan Goodness

Ryan, your fans love you even more.

Celebs meeting fans is just as great as fans meeting celebs.