Nothing Can Distract Charlize Theron In 'Atomic Blonde'

by Taylor Ferber

Leave it to the charismatic girl to distract an on-screen spy. Works like a charm, right? Audiences have seen it play out time and time again in films such as Inferno (2016) and Spectre (2015). But the classic scenario doesn't work on Charlize Theron's badass Atomic Blonde character, not even a little. Agent Lorraine Broughton brings her A-game and will be distracted by none — regardless of how sexy and luring they are — and this new Atomic Blonde clip proves it.

Theron's undercover agent character isn't the sidekick in Atomic Blonde (out July 28). She's the main chick. Sent on a solo, impossible mission to retrieve a wanted item out of corrupt Berlin, Agent Broughton uses her sharpness, sexuality, and strategy to not only successfully take on the mission, but survive it. The action-thriller follows the MI6 assassin through the cutthroat savagery of spy games, which leads Theron's character to Sofia Boutella's Delphine in the sexy and tense scene titled "Chapter 2: The Politics of Dancing."

In a dark nightclub lit only by neon lights, Delphine seduces Agent Broughton at the bar, which quickly turns into a steamy kiss in a back room. But before things go too far (the scene is enough to probably even get audience members hot and bothered), this happens:

Intense, right? I can only imagine what other sexy, twisty mind games will be portrayed in the film.

Universal Pictures also released the following movie poster to get fans even more excited.

Universal Pictures

Until Theron's kick-ass character makes her way to the big screen, I'll be thanking my lucky stars for this female James Bond, who's much too smart to be distracted by the pretty girl.