Charlotte Tilbury Is Having A 30% Off Flash Sale & It Includes THAT Iconic Scent

The words 'Charlotte Tilbury' and 'sale' rarely go together. The ultra popular brand is not one to often offer discounted goods due to the mad demand they already have. But every beauty fan loves a bit of Charlotte Tilbury, and is bound to have at least one product from her in their makeup bags. And guess what? There is always room for a little more. So the news that Charlotte Tilbury is having a major flash sale is majorly exciting. Here's everything you need to know about it, and what you should be buying.

The sale sees some of Tilbury's bestsellers discounted by 30%. There are an impressive 19 items in the sale, and they span across all categories, such as scent, cosmetic bags, and of course, makeup. And while these types of sales are usually full of the stuff no one is really that fussed on, this selection has some genuine gems that you may have even paid full price for.

For example, there's an incredible palette that includes colours for eyes and face, as well a classic CT makeup bag for a really decent price. There are also brilliant sets for the perfect bright eye makeup look, and a great neutral-toned lip look.

Read on to find out which six products and sets I would recommend jumping on, STAT: