Chase Rice Really *Really* Wants You To Know He Didn't Want The 'Bachelor' Drama

Leah Puttkammer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chase Rice would really like to be excused from this reality TV narrative. After his highly-anticipated reunion with Victoria F. aired on the most recent episode of The Bachelor, country star Rice revealed he was "really pissed" about being part of Bachelor drama, reiterating that he was completely blindsided by the whole thing.

Rice — who briefly dated the Virginia Beach native before she joined the show — found himself serenading Victoria and Peter during their romantic one-on-one date to Cedar Park in one of the show's most uncomfortable moments yet. "We turn the corner, and I see Chase, my ex-boyfriend," Victoria said during the episode. "Nothing could be worse. I'm freaking out right now. I want to die." She also described the whole moment as "awkward" and "weird," which Bachelor Nation definitely agreed with.

Many of the tweets and memes about Victoria and Peter's date pointed out just how awkward and unhappy Rice looked while the pair embraced and slow danced, and it turns out that's because he was internally furious about being dragged into the show's drama. "They've never brought somebody in and surprised the guest on the show. To do that to me, it's over the top; it's unnecessary," Rice explained during a post-show appearance on the Fitz in the Morning radio show. "I don't know if it's the producers, or if they just got lucky as hell," he said, before adding that he was "pissed" about the situation. "If there's anything I've ever wanted, it's to have nothing to do with the drama of that show," he said.

Despite his frustration with becoming a storyline on The Bachelor, Rice explained that he has no hard feelings for Victoria. "We spent a night together in Charlotte. She's a cool chick — from what I know of her," he revealed. "I got no problem with her. I got no problem with [Peter]."

However, Rice has decided to make the best out of an awkward situation, telling Entertainment Tonight that he decided to drop his most recent album ahead of his Bachelor episode in order to do what he wanted to do in the first place — promote his music. "I'm like, 'You guys are gonna try to make it about some drama.' I'm not cool with that," Rice said in another post-show interview. "I'm gonna make it about the music and turn it back to the songs, and that's why I’m dropping The Album Part I then."

That plan appears to have paid off for Rice; on Jan. 27, he wrote on Instagram that it was "lookin like we’ll have the number 1 Country album in the world this week." He continued, "So much work went into The Album Part I from the writing to production to late nights. These songs are my life, here’s to y’all, thank you👏🏼." And while Rice has revealed that the entire album was inspired by a difficult breakup, he told radio host Bobby Bones on Jan. 28 that the girlfriend in question is definitely not Victoria F.

"I dated [the girl who inspired the album] the last year and a half, two years," he explained on The Bobby Bones Show. However, after Bones asked if Victoria was the same girl who inspired his music, Rice responded, "No. Not at all."

It may have been incredibly awkward for Rice to find himself in the middle of a Bachelor love triangle, it looks like he truly managed to get the last laugh — and a hugely successful country album out of it.