Why 'Say I Do' Fans Will Fall In Love With Chef Gabriele Bertaccini

Say I Do's Gabriele Bertaccini via Netflix press site.

Netflix's latest reality show Say I Do centers around three experts who help couples throw their dream weddings in the span of one week. One such Say I Do expert is Chef Gabriele Bertaccini, who will use his culinary expertise to create the perfect catering experience for each big event. But there’s a lot more to this chef than his cooking skills and love of food.

That’s not to say that Bertaccini’s Instagram isn’t full of mouth-watering images of food, because it definitely is. (Seriously, whatever you do, don’t look through his page on an empty stomach.) But it’s clear that he has a wide range of passions outside of those related to his palate.

He’s a strong advocate of the LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter movements. “Keep marching. Keep protesting. Keep taking a stand and speak out your mind,” he captioned a recent Instagram post in celebration of Pride. “Keep having uncomfortable but necessary conversations. Keep taking a stand and call out who is instead staying silent. And most importantly, never ever stop sharing your story.”

He’s also a dog lover who makes a point of showcasing his pups as often as he can on his account. But after one look at those furry faces, who could really blame him?

When he’s not too busy working at his premier catering company iL TOCCO or hosting his six-course food and wine tasting event, Culinary Mischief, Bertaccini also loves to travel for both business and pleasure. “I am based in Los Angeles but I travel a lot: LA, London, then of course Florence; my company operates in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as New York and Florence,” he explained during an interview with Candid in September 2014. “We travel a lot and the traveling component is very important because it really inspires us with what we do, the dishes that we make, the events that we host, the locations that we scout.”

Now, he’ll get to prepare those creative dishes for newlyweds and their guests on behalf of Netflix — something that Bertaccini is excited for fans to see firsthand. “I hope this show will do to you what it has done to me while filming: made me secure in my hopes that when we are truly loved nothing can puncture our souls," he wrote on Instagram.

In other words, love is a dish best served by a pro.