Chewbacca Singing "Silent Night" Will Please Fans Who Missed Him In 'Rogue One' — VIDEO


Slight spoilers for Rogue One ahead. C-3PO, R2-D2, and two computer-generated characters from 1977's A New Hope (Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia, appearing just as they did in that original film) make cameos in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But where was the Wookie with the best hair in all of the galaxy? Notably absent. Chewbacca didn't get a cameo in Rogue One, but he's still had quite a year. For one, a family member of his got a mention in the Gilmore Girls revival and might even (Gilmore Girls spoiler alert) be the father of Rory's child. Now, he's going viral for his heart-wrenching rendition of a beloved Christmas carol. This video of Chewbacca singing "Silent Night" will get you in the holiday spirit faster than you can say "Rawgrrr" (or some other Chewie specific quote).

The video was released by the editors behind the YouTube channel, How It Should Have Ended, and is based on audio that was originally created all the way back in 1999 by Scott Andersen. Because the internet was made for things like this, the audio has resurfaced and been transposed against the backdrop of several Chewie clips taken directly from the Star Wars saga.

If you're saddened by Chewie's absence from Rogue One, the below video of Chewbacca singing "Silent Night" in his native tongue, Shyriiwook, will bring you enough Christmas — and Star Wars — cheer to make up for it.

How It Should Have Ended on YouTube

Move over Bing Crosby, am I right? The lyrics aren't totally audible, but for a Wookie with limited range, the pitch isn't half bad. Though Han at one point mutters, "This is ridiculous," you have to hand it to Chewie — the Wookie has some musical yuletide skills. Unintended as they may be.

Even though we didn't get to see Chewie in Rogue One, it's looking like he'll make the cut for Episode VIII (where he'll be reeling in the aftermath of Han Solo's untimely death). According to the film's IMDb page, Peter Mayhew will reprise his role as the Wookie. Plus, as The Wrap reports, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that a nascent version of Chewbacca will be featured in the Han Solo spin-off movie starring Alden Ehrenreich. Though that shouldn't really come as a surprise, considering the history of Star Wars' greatest inseparable pair.

Unfortunately, both of those films don't come out for a while, so in the meantime, enjoy Chewie's caroling. It will definitely put you in the holiday spirit.