Chicken & Waffles Cereal Just Hit Shelves — Here's Where To Find It

If you're a fan of chicken and waffles, the only meal that definitively can be categorized as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND snack, then you are either going to jump for joy or reel in horror when I inform you that a Chicken & Waffles cereal has been spotted on shelves. Instagram account @canadiancandyhunters shared an image of the box, obtained by a customer in Toronto, which depicts it as an off shoot of Honey Bunches of Oats, named — fittingly — Honey Brunches of Oats. (Extreme respect to whoever was responsible for that pun over at Post.)

Bustle has reached out to Post to confirm the availability of this cereal, and will update upon response. In the meantime, according to @canadiancandyhunters, this cereal will be sold in the U.S. around March 7 in celebration of National Cereal Day. So let's cross all our fingers and drumsticks that comes to pass, because even though I don't know where I'm at emotionally with this cereal existing, I do know that I have to behold it with my own two eyes and bajillion tastebuds. While we wait, though, we can all bask in the majesty of this image depicting the cereal, with little chicken drumsticks and mini waffles.

If you're (understandably) wary about this cereal existing, @canadiancandyhunters also did the good people of Instagram the favor of trying it out, so we could see it in action. Here's what the cereal looks like when it's poured out of the box.

Per @canadiancandyhunters, "It's real and it's spectacular!" The back of the box depicted in the Instagram also indicates that it will be sold for National Cereal Day, and says of the flavor, “Sweet & savory unite in a flavor intense cereal that combines chicken & waffles flavored goodness for a unique breakfast experience!" There also appears to be some kind of contest for taking pictures with the cereal under the hashtag #honeybrunchesofoats, which game on, y'all. Taking pictures with my breakfast is my baseline state of being.

As bizarre as this cereal combo may seem, it's actually far from the most outrageous that Post has come out with recently — you may recall the Sour Patch Kids cereal that hit shelves in December. It looked uncannily like actual Sour Patch Kids, which I'm sure led to more than a few confusing situations at holiday parties; early tasters remarked how similar to Sour Patch Kids the cereal tasted, and in particular, how similar to the candy the box smelled even when you first opened it. I tried it back in December and didn't love it — I'm a little too emotionally attached to the chewiness of Sour Patch Kids for my mouth to accept another texture of them — but I have to respect the power moves Post is out here playing, especially now that Chicken & Waffles is about to get added to the mix.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this one, y'all — it's Limited Edition, so when it does hit shelves, it most likely won't be around for long.