You Can Earn Free Chipotle By Going Meatless On Mondays This Month

Courtesy of Chipotle

Many vegetarians and veggie-lovers alike already know that Chipotle is a great place to feast on some veggie-packed treats. You can customize so many different combinations, you get guac on anything and everything, and of course — SOFRITAS EXIST AND ARE A CULINARY DELIGHT. But now, Chipotle is taking it one step further by celebrating Chipotle Meatless Mondays through October.

If you're a Chipotle Rewards member and you love veggie food, then you can score 150 bonus points on vegetarian orders every Monday in October. And, because Oct. 1 is World Vegetarian Day, you'll also be able to score the bonus points if you order veggie today.

“Our digital-first customers understand that the more you Chipotle, the more you can get free Chipotle so we’re continuing to find creative ways to celebrate and reward them,” Tressie Lieberman, Vice President of Digital and Off-Premise at Chipotle Mexican Grill, explained in a press release.

And that's not the only way Chipotle is celebrating. They've also streamlined the process of ordering veggie by offering Vegan and Vegetarians bowls. With the “Vegan” bowl you'll get a sweet, sweet hit of Sofritas — while the “Vegetarian” bowl comes with guacamole. So if you don't even want to think up your own order, then fear not — because ordering veggie just got a whole lot easier.

Courtesy of Chipotle

If you haven't yet learned about the joy that is the Chipotle Rewards Program, it's time to get started. In order to take full advantage of Meatless Mondays in October, then you need to get in on those sweet rewards, stat.

Basically, the way that it works is Rewards members get 10 points for every $1 spent in the restaurant, online, or in the app. Once you manage to get 1,250 points, then you get a free entrée heading your way. You'll also get other little bonuses from time to time — like this Meatless Monday special in October — so keep an eye out to see how to make the Rewards work for you.

Chipotle has definitely been switching things up recently — for veggies and meat-eaters alike. If going meatless isn't your thing, then remember that Chipotle recently introduced their Carne Asada steak option. No matter what you're looking for, my guess is that Chipotle has a way to take care of you — because guacamole is the only true universal language.

Though Chipotle has always been a great option for veggies, seeing the chain embrace Meatless Mondays is a big step forward — as is making it easier to order vegetarian and vegan in their restaurants. Taco Bell recently introduced vegetarian-dedicated menu boards, and reminded customers that they can make any menu item vegetarian — and I hope more restaurants will follow suit.

Eating out and figuring out what's safe to eat as a veggie is still one of the biggest obstacles you face when you're trying to cut out meat, so having obvious choices marked on the menu makes a huge difference. And extra Rewards points? Even better.