Chloe Bennet Defends Changing Her Chinese Surname With An Unapologetic Clapback


As the push for inclusion within the entertainment industry continues, Chloe Bennet's statement about changing her Chinese last name is an absolute must-read. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor bravely called out Hollywood's lack of diversity amid a now-deleted Instagram conversation, according to BuzzFeed. And fans are loving her unapologetic response, which revealed exactly why she switched her surname from Wang to Bennet. Of course, Bennet shouldn't have to explain her decision to anyone, but in doing so, she's sparking an important conversation.

This whole situation came to light after Bennet took to Instagram to commend fellow actor Ed Skrein, who recently took a stand against whitewashing by stepping down from the upcoming Hellboy reboot, where he was slated to portray a character of Asian descent. Showing her support for his decision, Bennet wrote,

Yet after applauding Skrein, apparently things escalated in the comment section of Bennet's post. According to BuzzFeed, someone jumped in, accusing Bennet of muting her own identity by ditching her traditional Chinese surname. And that's exactly when she shut things down with the perfect response.

In the comment section, Bennet offered a poignant, yet important, perspective on making it in show business. Flat-out calling Hollywood "racist," she wrote,

Bennet's caustic clapback offers a sad glimpse into reality that plenty of minority actors face when it comes to navigating Hollywood. But she's also standing up for herself, and doing so to help pave the way for others. And it appears that Skrein may have become somewhat of a catalyst for Bennet's courage in speaking out, as her initial statement called for other actors and filmmakers within the community to similarly take a stand — and that's exactly what she's doing, too.

After screenshots of Bennet's statement spread, Twitter came out in support of the actor and her honesty.

While it's certainly disappointing, yet not entirely surprising, to hear the countless stories of entertainers fighting for inclusion within the industry, it's the brave actions of celebrities like Bennet and Skrein that help make strides toward real change.