This Sophie Turner-Approved Dress Has Been Restocked 17 Times — And Keeps Selling Out

You know an item is worth checking out when it can barely stay stocked on the (digital) shelves. One of those said items is the Crosby St Dress from Choosy. This dress is so popular, in fact, that it has now been restocked a whopping 17 times. Here's why.

In case you're unfamiliar, Choosy is a New York-based online A.I.-designed brand that crafts its unique pieces based on the feedback of its customers via social media, analytics, and customer service feedback. The Crosby St. Dress is a different take on the shirt dress, and according to AOL, the term "Choosy white dress" generates over 25 million searches. Celebrities also love this dress — the chic piece featuring a plunging neckline was worn by Sophie Turner for her wedding celebrations last summer. As a result, the Crosby St. Dress has sold over 12,000 units, a Choosy rep shares with Bustle.

Besides the fact the celebrities are fans of the item, there are a couple of other reasons why the Crosby St dress is super popular. The dress costs less than $100 and is available in a range of sizes (0-20).

To make the latest restock even more exciting, Choosy has added two additional colors for the dress: It now comes in black and blue and white stripes.

If you love this design, Choosy also recommends two variations on the Crosby St Dress, both of which are under $100, too!

Spring St Dress

As described on the brand's site, the Spring St dress is a spinoff of the Crosby St Dress. After hearing from fans how badly they wanted the original dress in black, Choosy gave them this sleeveless draped version.

Milan Top

The Milan Top is another take on Choosy's Crosby St Dress. Inspired by menswear, this statement top is a great go-to for your next jeans-and-a-nice-top ensemble.

With chic, budget-friendly pieces like these that are also celebrity-approved, it's really no wonder dresses like the Crosby St sell out 17 times. But word to the wise: Act fast before it sells out (again).