Chris Evans Asked The Internet For Help With Technology & The 'Avengers' Science Bros Responded

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Robert Downey Jr./Twitter

It's really a lovely thing to see on screen characters get along in real life, and some of the best examples of that can be seen with the actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially with the original Avengers, the actors' truly seem to get along. There's also a lot of playfulness and teasing that goes on, and the most recent banter will make fans geek out. Chris Evans' twitter exchange with Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo revolved around technology, and not only is it relatable, but it's also adorable, to say the least.

What started off as just a routine rant about modern day devices and technology, turned into a full on mission for the Science Bros. On Jan. 7, Chris Evans tweeted, "Dear All Technology, Remember the 90’s when you just WORKED??? I don’t need a ‘smart’ feature on my TV, thermostat, lights, music, refrigerator, security cameras, and f-ing car. You’re a major pain in all of our asses. You’re not worth it. Signed, Everyone." The man doesn't want all the bells and whistles, just the essentials.

And who is Evans, aka Captain America, supposed to turn to with his technological woes? To Iron Man, of course. Robert Downey Jr. responded to Evans' tweet, writing, "hey @MarkRuffalo looks like Cap needs a little tutoring from the science bros."

The Science Bros, for those unfamiliar, is what fans endearingly call the duo of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner (not to be confused with the sometimes romantic use of that term). Fans grabbed on to the duo after seeing their chemistry on screen in The Avengers. So, naturally, fellow Science Bro, Mark Ruffalo, had to chime in with, "Call or DM us whenever you need assistance, @ChrisEvans. Also language." (That last part is a reference to the Avengers: Age of Ultron gag in which Captain America asked for his fellow superheroes to keep their language PG.)

The Science Bros to the rescue! It's nice to see Downey Jr. and Ruffalo live up to their ship name, and their characters. Even if they might not be as knowledgable as Stark, a tech genius, and Banner, a man with seven PhDs, if there was anyone that could help Evans figure out a fridge TV or a state of the art car, it's these two.

But Evans, himself, seems to have some doubts on just how helpful Iron Man would be. Responded to Downey, he wrote, "I’m guessing the arc reactor doesn’t need some sort of annoying upgrade or download or new OS every 3 months. HELP ME!" He's got a point; all the constant updating and "not enough space" alerts are a nuisance. Surely Tony's arc reactors are a bit more self-sufficient than an iPhone.

Regardless of whether or not Downey and Ruffalo can help Evans out for real — Ruffalo didn't even know he was live streaming the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok from his Instagram, so he might not be of assistance — these types of Twitter exchanges are what fans live for. They're proof that even Thanos couldn't kill this friendship.