Chris Evans' Birthday Message To Chris Pratt Is A Little Crude, But VERY On Brand

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Chris Evans/Twitter

Leave it to Chris Evans to get his joke on for his friend, co-star, and fellow Chris' birthday. On Thursday, June 21, Evans wished Chris Pratt a happy birthday on Twitter. In his message, he included a rather crude Marvel reference that fans will likely love.

Let's just say Evans posted a rather... interesting photo to celebrate his pal's birthday. To be very blunt about it, he tweeted out a photo of a dog urinating on a sign that read "Property of Star-Lord, Dogs beware!" Star-Lord, of course, is the superhero that Pratt portrays in the Guardians of the Galaxy films and, most recently, in Avengers: Infinity War, in which Evans also starred as Captain America.

In the caption for the pic, he wrote, "Happy birthday @prattprattpratt from me and this giver of zero f*cks." The actor continued with, "We hope you're getting showered with affection today." That pun isn't getting by anyone, Evans. Pratt has yet to respond to the birthday wish, but that didn't stop others from doing so. Numerous fans responded to the tweet by saying everything from "Friendship goals" to "we love an underrated duo."

Seeing as though the two actors have an established friendship, and Evans obviously meant no ill-will with the jokey birthday wish, Pratt likely just laughed about the Star-Lord slight from his friend, just like all of the stars' fans.

Their friendship (that sometimes turns into a playful rivalry) has been going strong for years now. Thanks to the joys of the 21st century, some of their most hilarious friendship moments have been captured on social media for all of their fans to see.

In September 2017, Pratt tweeted that he took one of BuzzFeed's quizzes regarding which famous Chris he really was. Although, he wasn't into the results because he surprisingly didn't end up getting himself. He wrote, along with posted a photo showing "You're Chris Evans!," "Dude I suck at quizzes." The Captain America portrayer didn't let this tweet just pass him by. He replied to his pal and tweeted, "What do you mean? You aced it."

Their friendly rivalry reached a whole new level in 2015, all thanks to the Super Bowl. The actors' respective favorite teams were set to match up during the biggest football game of the year, with Evans pulling for the New England Patriots and Pratt rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.

Evans first got things rolling in January as he tweeted to his friend about their teams competing, "For the next 2 weeks, you are not my friend, you are my enemy." This was like Captain America: Civil War all over again, guys (except without the fighting and with a dose of good-natured humor, naturally). In turn, Pratt responded with some fighting words of his own, "We both know there's only one Captain America and his name is Russell Wilson."

After this heated convo, the guys decided to put their money where their mouths were. Their bet entailed that the winner would host their fellow Chris in their hometown to visit a specific charity as their comic book character. An amazingly positive bet if there ever was one.

When the Patriots ended up pulling out the win, Pratt made good on his bet after the game, as The Hollywood Reporter noted. The Guardians of the Galaxy star visited the MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston with his fellow Chris in full Star-Lord get-up. Even though he did win the bet, Evans returned the favor by appearing as Captain America at the Seattle Children's Hospital with Pratt by his side, as THR reported.

These two famous Chrises have a pretty solid friendship thing going and an even funnier, friendly rivalry between them.