Chris Pratt’s “Which Chris Are You?” Quiz Results Will Make You Question Everything

by Sophy Ziss

Celebrities: They're just like us. They spend their slower afternoons taking internet quizzes and are often confused by the results. For Chris Pratt, though, this resulted in perhaps the greatest case of mistaken identity in a generation: Pratt took a "Which Chris Are You?" Quiz, got Chris Evans, and the world will never be the same. On Tuesday evening, Pratt shared the Earth-shattering news on Twitter. "Dude, I suck at quizzes," the actor lamented, presumably dismayed to find he was not who he thought he was. Of course, some soul-searching can be healthy. But a quiz that reveals you are not you, but your handsome rival that shares your name and profession instead? That has to be unnerving.

This brings us to Evans' response. Though Pratt neither mentioned Evans nor tagged him in the quiz result tweet, Evans took it upon himself to congratulate Pratt on his success. Does this mean that Evans is the One True Chris, finally dethroned and succeeded by Pratt? Or is Evans not actually himself — not a person, but an idea? Is "Chris Evans" a state of mind? Would a Pratt by any other name look as hunky in a uniform? Can there only be one, like the Highlander? Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Again: What does this all mean? If Chris Pratt took a quiz that revealed he's Chris Evans, and Chris Evans approved, does that make Evans actually Chris Hemsworth now? Where will the under-appreciated Chris Pine fit in to all of this? Truly, it's the millennial generation's How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck? dilemma, but better. And hotter. (Woodchucks are fine, but the Chrises are capital-f Fine.)

Also, this spurs an even better idea: A Freaky Friday-style body-switch film starring the Chrises seems like something the world needs, immediately. If their schedules line up, why not include all four? The hijinks those sweet, sexy boys could get into. Posing for each other's photoshoots! Wearing each other's costumes! (Is it getting hot in here, or is it just this great idea?) Actually, this might not work as a feature-length film. So, hey, Funny or Die, College Humor, and comedians of Vimeo, you're welcome for the free sketch idea.

Pepe Silvia spiral aside, it's always a delight to watch cool-seeming celebrities goof off together. It's especially endearing with the Chrises, whose self-awareness only intensifies their appeal. Furthermore, Pratt has been less active on Twitter as of late, while Evans' string of political tweets have essentially solidified his bae status for life. Of the many forms of social media, Twitter can be the most menacing; it often takes the form of the call is coming from inside the house with just one tweet. Seeing the Chrises' case of mistaken identities was legit a relief. The news could use more positive stories about Twitter.

There are just a few questions left for Pratt, so if you're in touch with him, please pass these along: Dearest Chris Pratt, how ever did you find the quiz linked to below? How often do you take quizzes like that one, and how often do you receive Chris Evans as a result? Oh, and Evans: Since Pratt didn't tag you in the tweet, the picture, or the quiz result, do you have notifications set up for his tweets? That would be pretty cute.

If you, too, wish to be thrown into an alternate universe wherein up is down, down is up, Pratt is Evans, and Evans is unconcerned with the metaphysical limitations of this reality, then by all means: Take the quiz that started it all.