Chris Harrison Almost Called The Cops After Colton's Fence Jump On 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Eric McCandless

Bachelor fans have finally seen Colton Underwood's fence jump, but it looks like the story's not over yet. Last week's Fantasy Suite episode, which aired on Monday, March 4, ended with Colton jumping over a fence and escaping into the night in Portugal — but what happened after that? It turns out, Chris Harrison almost called the cops when Colton went missing.

Harrison talked to Entertainment Tonight at the Women Tell All taping in February, and he shared how the authorities were almost involved in locating the Bachelor star. The whole thing sounds really dramatic — and not in the usual, Bachelor way.

"Five minutes went by or so, and then we all came together back at this crossroads. The producers and everybody was there," Harrison told ET. "We called back to Los Angeles... and we woke up other executive producers and executives and said, 'This is what's happening. What do we do?' and they said, 'At some point, you're gonna have to call the authorities.'"

Fortunately, though, the crew members managed to catch up with Colton without having to get the local police involved in the situation. "Luckily, as we were about [to call the cops], someone's walkie talkie clips, and I hear, 'We got him. We found him,'" Harrison revealed.

The Bachelor host added that the finale airing Monday, March 11, will start with the crew members going after Colton — so the fence drama isn't completely over yet. "You'll see us chase him down," Harrison told ET. As for whether or not we'll seem them grapple with a decision to call local authorities, that remains to be seen.

As far as what else to expect from the finale, it's pretty much up in the air for Colton. Before the fence jump, fans saw Colton tell Cassie that she was his top choice on the show. But she ended up going home, unsure if she was ready for an engagement at the end of the show's filming.

In the trailer for next week's episode, Colton says that he's "heartbroken." He's said repeatedly over the course of the season that his top fear about The Bachelor was that someone he fell in love with wouldn't be ready for an engagement, and it looks like that fear is coming true.

Still, even if Cassie is no longer in the running, there are a few constants fans can expect from the finale. The Bachelor star's parents tend to appear in the final episodes. And it looks like that will be true in Colton's case, too, even if the rest of the finale isn't exactly typical. Colton's dad is in the Bachelor finale trailer, so it looks like he'll be having a heart-to-heart with his son about the situation.

"I just want to be loved back the way that I love somebody," Colton says in the trailer. "I don't know if that's possible." Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams are in the clip, too, so it's likely that fans will see Colton call things off with the two of them. (He can't exactly propose to one of them after essentially saying his feelings for Cassie were stronger than his connections with them. Or can he?)

There are a lot of unanswered questions going into The Bachelor's last two episodes this season. Will Colton track Cassie down and pursue a relationship with her (even if it doesn't end in an on-screen engagement)? Or will Colton end the entire season brokenhearted? Anything could happen — but at least he's not still wandering around Portugal with a set of worried producers chasing after him.