Chris Hemsworth's Story About Photos From Miley & Liam's Wedding Almost Leaking Is So Funny

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The ever-expanding tech world has brought plenty of privacy concerns along with it. But as Chris Hemsworth's recent mishap shows, even old-school methods aren't always safe. Chris Hemsworth's photos were almost leaked after Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's private wedding, and it was because of a mishap stemming from using a film camera at the ceremony.

During an appearance on the U.K.'s This Morning on Wednesday, Hemsworth explained that when he went to get his film developed, the store accidentally sent the private photos to another customer. Fortunately, the Thor actor was able to track the woman down before news about the wedding broke publicly.

"I have this old film camera, and I get them developed regularly at this spot, and I have for years," Hemsworth said on the morning show. "And I was at the wedding, and I was one of the few people who was taking photos. And they said, 'Oh where are you going to get them developed?' I said, 'It's fine. I got this little spot, it's all good.'"

Evidently, it wasn't entirely "all good." An unknowing woman, Elvira Nordstrom, was accidentally sent hundreds of pictures from the private ceremony before the couple even announced that they were married. Nordstrom actually posted about it on her Instagram Story, writing that she had photos "from Mileys and Liams secret wedding," along with a series of question marks and exclamation points.

Hemsworth's explanation of what happened starts around the 5:28 mark in the video above. It's worth watching for the sheer hilarity of the situation, including the British hosts jokingly telling the actor he "had one job" at the wedding, which was presumably to keep the photos private. (They also mocked him for using a film camera and getting pictures developed, which is pretty funny to watch.)

"This girl put it up on her Instagram and said, 'Hey Chris, I've got your photos.'" Before Nordstrom posted them, though, Hemsworth learned of the situation and got in touch with her directly.

The actor told This Morning that Nordstrom "couldn't have been kinder" about the whole thing, and that she assured him she wouldn't post the pictures anywhere. "It was a big relief," Hemsworth said to the hosts. "There are a million different ways that could've gone."

And while Nordstrom didn't post the photos, she did share some screenshots about the experience on Instagram. "Chris Hemsworth just called me," she wrote in her IG Story. "I talked with Chris Hemsworth." I mean, it is pretty shocking that the fan had the chance to have a full conversation with the actor, all because of a mixup.

Of course, Miley and Liam confirmed their wedding by posting photos from the ceremony on their own Instagram pages a few days after the fact, so it wouldn't have been the end of the world if the photos had gotten out before. Luckily, though, the couple was able to share the news (and their pictures) on their own terms, thanks to Nordstrom's cooperation. And it's still funny that the leak almost happened because of such an old-school method.