Krystal Surprised Chris With A Trip To Vegas, Because This 'BiP' Couple Is Still Going Strong

Paul Hebert/ABC

It's been three months since the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired, but Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson are still going strong — and they're spending a very important day together. On Monday, Chris and Krystal celebrated Chris' birthday in Las Vegas, and according to the Instagram posts that both of them have made from their trip, it seems like the whole thing was a surprise that Krystal orchestrated to make his day unforgettable.

On Monday, Chris shared a photo of him and Krystal taken at the Bellagio hotel, And even though it was Chris' birthday, he shared a very sweet message about how much it meant to him that Krystal made sure he had an awesome day.

Chris wrote:

"Thank you for giving me the most unforgettable birthday ever. The reason why I fell in love with you was because of your sweet, thoughtful, and caring soul. This surprise trip you planned secretly behind the scenes during your busy schedule running a successful business just confirms my heart has never been wrong."

Not only does it seem like they had an awesome trip, but that Chris truly appreciates the hard work Krystal put in when she was planning it. It's hard to believe that this Chris is the same guy with an uncontrollable temper from Becca's season of The Bachelorette, but it seems like he has truly found his perfect match in Krystal.

According to Krystal's posts on Instagram, she and Chris arrived in Las Vegas last week to spend the weekend there as he turned 31, along with his friends.

She also shared a photo of the two of them at the Cosmopolitan as Chris dipped her:

And at the end of their trip, she posted another photo from the airport, thanking their followers for all of the suggestions of what they should do while they were in town.

"We had an EPIC Vegas trip and I’m so grateful that so many of Chris’s friends were here to celebrate this special man!!" Krystal wrote. "Now... where should we plan our next trip?"

And as sweet as Chris' message for Krystal was, she also shared one for him in honor of the first birthday of his that they've spent together. She wrote:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my FAVORITE person in the whole world!! I love how nurturing, compassionate and caring you are to everyone you meet. I love how you put FAMILY first. I love how you take Wayne and Chucky potty late at night when I’m too tired without EVER complaining. And MOST of all, I love how YOU changed my silly idea that I wasn’t meant to find love."

It's hard to find love in the Bachelor franchise, but somehow, these two have managed to do it — and so far, it seems like their relationship has a pretty good shot at lasting. May we all find someone who surprises us with trips to Vegas for our birthdays... even if we don't have Chris Harrison's assistance.