Chris Pratt & His Brother's Photo Of Their Mom Is So Cute, It Just Might #BeatTheEgg

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And the best sons award goes to... Chris Pratt and his brother, who shared a photo of their mom, Kathy Pratt, on Instagram that fans need to see. Not only does the picture adorably show Kathy smiling in a brand new bowling shirt with her name embroidered, but Chris and his brother, Cully, are hoping to get the image as many likes as possible. Actually, Cully, hopes his mom's photo ends up beating that viral egg Instagram.

For those unaware, on Jan. 4, an account called Egg Gang posted a photo of a brown egg in hopes of gathering enough likes to take away Kylie Jenner's title of having the most-liked Instagram ever. Jenner's photo that received so much love (it currently has over 18 million likes) revealed her daughter Stormi's name for the first time. Well, Egg Gang's wish came true and the egg has over 47 million likes, at least at the time this post was published.

Now, as for Chris and Cully's request, it all began on Wednesday when the Guardians of the Galaxy star wrote next to the picture of his mom,

"This is my mom Kathy. She is amazing! She loves to bowl. My brother Cully got her whole team bowling shirts for Christmas. So for a minute he was the better son. Now I’m gonna put her on Instagram for 22 million people to adore her. Your move Cully."

Chris was simply starting a competition with Cully to see who the "better son" really is. Well, Cully turned it into a different kind of competition — and one that just might make him the "better son."

All jokes aside, Cully responded to Chris by commenting on his brother's post,

"Lol!!! My move??? Yes, challenge accepted @prattprattpratt, Now, I guess we'll just have to try and make her pic the most liked pic on Instagram, in a shirt that I bought her..lol....#beattheegg #chrisprattsmom"
Chris Pratt/Instagram (screenshot)

Then, Cully reposted his brother's Instagram encouraging his followers to like Chris' picture. "I agree @prattprattpratt, she is AMAZING, I'd say so amazing, she could potentially knock off the 'Egg' as Instagram's most liked image?" Cully wrote. "What do ya say folks, let's make #chrisprattsmom the most liked image on the Internet. Here's to all the wonderful moms out there, it's your move Instagram! 500k+ and climbing!!!!!! #beattheegg"

At the time of this article, Chris' Instagram of his mom had over 1 million likes, so it definitely has a long way to go before it both catches up and surpasses the egg. Seeing that Chris is a huge celebrity and the fact that he has a massive fan base, well, it's definitely possible the picture of his mom could become the most-liked Instagram.

No offense to the egg, but Kathy Pratt's photo deserve all of the likes in the world. Do you see how adorable she is? Just look at this photo above of Kathy posing with her bowling team in their new shirts gifted to them by Cully. Could she be any cuter? Plus, she's clearly so proud of her team and their shirts.

With that, start spreading the word and help Chris and Cully's mom #beattheegg, because if anyone deserves to be more liked than an egg, it's sweet Kathy Pratt.