Chrissy Teigen Dressed Her Daughter In A Classic '90s Trend & Fans Can't Get Enough

It's no secret that Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna are BFFs. The pair is constantly posting pictures together, and it looks like her little is already picking up on her style as well. Chrissy Teigen dressed Luna in jellies, and fans are freaking out. You can all breath a sign of relief, because the nostalgic '90s trend is here for generations to come thanks to Teigen. Once you see how affordable these shoes are, you'll be grabbing one for yourself and your mini-me.

All fashions eventually make a comeback, and the '90s are no different. Chokers and overalls have already popped up in the categories of throwback style, and jellies are going the ranks now as well. I'm not talking the Kardashian-famous see-through heels, my friend. This is full-on '90s nostalgia, and you can thank Teigen. The model dressed her daughter in jelly sandals, according to the Instagram post, and fans of all ages are jumping on the trend now too.

As if a tend this wonderful could possibly be forgotten, Teigen reminded everyone just how adorable the shoe-trend is. Luna is seen in an action shot wearing the glittery, partly see-through Mary Jane style kicks on her mom's Instagram. Because not only are these shoes classic, but they're also extremely wearable.

Once you pry yourself away from the adorable little face, you'll see the said shoes. If this doesn't convince you to want to shop the style, then I don't know what will. Ready for the best part? You can get the exact style for $10 at Old Navy. There's even an update jelly sandal version for adults trying to embrace the trend.

Naturally, fans are freaking out over the nostalgic trend. If you're looking to stock up on the sandals, now would be the perfect time. Here's what people are saying about the shoe, so you can see how well-loved the style is.

The cutest.

A lot of happiness about this post.

Shoe game on-point.

People NEED these shoes.


The only thing better would to be seeing both of them wearing the trend.

Big round of applause to Teigen for carrying on the '90s style tradition.