Chrissy Teigen Will Attend The Women's March

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Women's March on Washington just added another famous face. Chrissy Teigen is attending the Women's March in Washington D.C., she announced on Twitter Friday. Originally, the model wasn't planning on going, because she was heading to the Sundance Film Festival to support John Legend, but it appears Donald Trump's inauguration influenced her to march on behalf of herself and other women. She alerted her Twitter followers, "i was going to go to sundance to support john tomorrow but feeling compelled to support my fellow women. see you at the women's march, DC."

Clearly, the controversial man who is Trump and the fact that he will now be referred to as President Donald Trump affected Teigen greatly. For those unaware, the Women's March takes place on Saturday, Jan. 21 with an estimated 200,000 plus women participating. The purpose of the march is to spread a pro-women message. It's about raising awareness, funds, and resources for women in America, all while fighting to secure basic rights, healthcare, and protection.

Along with Teigen, other celebs attending the march include Amy Schumer, Olivia Wilde, Samantha Bee, Debra Messing, America Ferrera, Jessica Chastain, and many others. Even though she won't be at Sundance supporting Legend (by the way, I'm sure he's totally fine with her decision), it's not like Teigen is heading somewhere tropical to lay on the beach and drink a cocktail. No, the 31-year-old is setting out to do what she thinks is right and important. I'm sure there is also the perk of one day telling her daughter, Luna, about her time at the historical march.

In addition to her major announcement, Teigen also unsurprisingly received backlash for her inauguration commentary. First, she simply tweeted, "nope." Yeah, that sounds about right. That one word pretty much sums up how many people are feeling right now about Trump as president.

Then, the Lip Sync Battle star couldn't help herself and tweeted, "what a beautiful prayer. makes me wanna grab my p*ss." Of course, she was taking a jab at the leaked footage of Trump speaking to Billy Bush in 2005. Her comment didn't sit well with some, which she is used to, and she responded, "oh. it's offensive when I say it though. hm."

Her tweets didn't stop there, because, well, it's Teigen. So, if you want to keep tabs on how she currently feels about newly sworn in President Trump, head on over to her Twitter. FYI, she also tweeted this: "is anyone else absolutely sickened by what they are watching? i mean it's called MARIAH'S world not danielle's world." Chrissy Teigen, everyone. She can't and won't be stopped.

Like she did with the inauguration, here's hoping Teigen also live tweets her time at the Women's March, because that is something I need to see and hear about.