Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Go To The 'Beauty & The Beast' Premiere Without Luna & Her Reaction Is So Relatable — PHOTOS

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This celebrity couple continue to live a thrilling life. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen attended the Beauty and the Beast premiere held in Los Angeles Thursday evening. You know what they did not do? They didn't take their adorable daughter, Luna, with them. Wow. Could you two be any ruder? I'm sure she would've appreciated an invitation, but apparently they couldn't take her, because, well, she's only a baby and was probably in bed by the time they left. Either way, Legend shared a photo of Luna's disappointment on Instagram and her reaction speaks for all of us who also weren't invited.

As you can see below, sweet Luna (who becomes more adorable by the minute) looks so bummed. She's probably looking at her mom and dad and thinking, "Yo, can I please go to the premiere with you? I really need to meet Emma Watson." Or, she may have been thinking, as Legend ,who sings "Beauty and the Beast" with Ariana Grande for the film, suggested in the photo's caption, "Why don't I get to go to the Beauty and the Beast premiere?"

Obviously, Luna probably has no idea what was even going on, why her parents were leaving, or what Beauty and the Beast even is. But the fact that Legend made a joke of her expression and her not getting to tag along makes me love this family all the more. Oh, and you know when Luna gets older and realizes that Teigen and Legend left her at home while they went to the Beauty and the Beast event, she'll most likely recognize how messed up all this was. I foresee a tantrum or an argument in the future.

Teigen also posted an Instagram of herself with Luna before they headed to the premiere. The picture features the model holding her baby girl in her arms and Luna touching her mom's mouth and admiring her gorgeous lip color.

Luna was probably trying to sweeten her mom up by acting all cute in hopes that she would change her mind and take her to meet Belle. Yeah, it didn't work. I don't know how, because have you seen Luna's face? Luna, I totally would've taken you, if I was important enough to have been invited.

I guess there's always next time for Luna to go to a big movie premiere. Here's hoping Teigen and Legend make it up to her by bringing the entire cast to Luna, where she can then take all kinds of pictures with them for the famous parents to share on Instagram.