Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Were Given The Greatest Gift Of *That* Dwyane Wade Meme

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're in need of a good laugh, here you go. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were given a gift of that Dwyane Wade meme. For real, they were sent a present inspired by the photo captured of Wade falling onto the couple during his last home game as a Miami Heat player on April 9. What kind of present were they gifted? It was none other than the hilarious picture featuring Wade on top of Teigen and Legend — blown up and framed.

The Cravings: Hungry For More author shared her amazing gift on Instagram on Wednesday. She captioned it,

"oh my god someone sent us this giant work of art"

So who sent the present? It was none other than Spalding. What makes this particular photo even more special is that it's an actual painting. That's right, as Spalding shared in an email on Wednesday, the company and official basketball of the NBA, hired artist Hugh Syme to recreate the moment and then had it shipped to Teigen and Legend. Spalding also tweeted on April 24 in response to the Lip Sync Battle star's tweet about the gift,

"Hey @chrissyteigen you asked for a painting of this moment from Wade’s last dance and we listened. You're welcome."

You can see the piece of art here:

When the photo of Wade, Teigen, and Legend first went viral in early April, the internet, of course, quickly turned the unforgettable moment into some truly funny memes. How could you not, especially with Teigen and The Voice coach making hysterical facial expressions? The way they responded to Wade falling into their laps is probably how most people would've reacted. They were totally caught off guard.

Actually, Spalding got the idea to transform the meme into a painting all thanks to Teigen. On April 9, Miami Herald Sports tweeted Teigen about the epic image, "Hey @chrissyteigen, let us know if you want a copy of this one." Her response? "A renaissance painting." Well, that's exactly what she got courtesy of Spalding.

Before Spalding even commissioned Syme to paint the meme, Twitter users sent their own versions of a "renaissance painting" to Teigen.

Here's one attempt:

And here's another:

These are both solid renditions.

Some people may have been upset with Wade for falling on them, but not Teigen and Legend. In reply to a fan who tweeted, "@DwyaneWade so hyped he ran into @chrissyteigen and spilled her drink all over her," she wrote, "It was an honor!!" As for the "All of Me" singer, he spilled most of his drink all over himself and Teigen. In a video tweeted by Legend right after Wade's fall, not only was Teigen laughing about the incident, but the musician showed off his drink and revealed that there was still some left. He declared, "Still got my drank."

Wade's accidental crash with Teigen and Legend will forever be a hilarious sports moment. And in addition to the internet never letting them forget what happened, the couple now owns an actual painting that they can hang up and look at for years to come. Well, let's hope they actually put it on their wall or somewhere in their home, because it deserves to be displayed.