Chrissy Teigen Tweeted About A Relatable AF Skin Issue & Twitter Is Here For It

Nailed it. The ever-vocal-on-social-media Chrissy Teigen tweeted about period skin, a totally relatable and prevalent skin issue. Twitter is of course losing its mind over her share, since the struggle is indeed real.

The model and mom of Luna tweeted a 10-second video, lamenting her period-induced breakout. Who hasn't dealt with additional blemishes, pimples, and redness as a result of our monthly visitor? Teigen was unashamed that she deals with this issue, as do most of us.

With no makeup on and her hair pulled back off her face in a messy bun, Teigen said, "This is my skin on my period. Look at it. So angry. Ow!" Teigen was apparently referring to those flared up patches of skin as mad!

I have so been there more than once. More than 10 times.

I love that Teigen had absolutely no problem with sharing her period skin dilemma with her millions of faithful followers —minus Donald Trump, since he, you know, blocked her!

It's also awesome because tons of young women experiencing breakouts during menstruation can take comfort in the fact that so many others deal with this, including celebs.

This tweet is the opposite of TMI, IMO. In fact, this is the type of thing women can and should share with one another.

Period skin — it happens.

This dad of a pair of daughters points out why Teigen's tweet is so empowering.

This user thanked Teigen for bringing us into her orbit.

Period skin is a tie that binds so many of us.

It's this kind of bluntness and honesty that makes Teigen likable.


This Twitter user offered some tips for dealing with angry period skin. Take heed, Chrissy and other period skin sufferers.

The struggle is real for so many of us.

This is when Twitter functions as a legit community — when users share and vent frustrations, swap tips, and just... relate.

No lonliness re: period skin on Twitter, thanks to C. Teigen.