Chrissy Teigen Just Tweeted About Body Confidence & It's The Realest Thing Ever

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen continues to be the most relatable celeb in Hollywood and on social media. The model and mom-of-two is a power user of Twitter and Instagram and doesn't shy away from reminding followers that she's not much different than they are! Chrissy Teigen tweeted pictures of her "mom bod" and her stretch marks. She also revealed that she struggles with body confience.

In that real AF moment, Teigen was all of us and delivered a powerful message to love yourself "as is." The Twitterverse was so here for her innately body positive message. Fans and followers thanked Teigen for sharing these images while on vacation with her musician husband, John Legend, and their kids, Luna and Miles.

Other moms tweeted shots of their own post-baby bodies along with their feelings on how their bodies transformed after giving birth.

Many followers praised Teigen for her forthrightness. But she also implied that certain social media tactics can promote the idea of unattainable body standards and that she sometimes feels insecure with her own body, too. Teigen made a critically important point about our heavily filtered, digital world, which distorts reality. She also delivered a body-positive message — albeit inadvertently, according to her.

Below is her first tweet showing off what she labeled her "mom bod."

People loved this shot. She followed it up with her feelings on how Instagram's homogeny may have gone too far.

This! While she is all about those who have worked hard to get in shape showing off their physique, she spotlighted another issue. In a sea of edited Insta photos, real people and their bodies can become obscured and leave so many users feeling like they have to chase unobtainable or outmoded standards.

Teigen was also quick to state she, too, struggles with her own body confidence and perception. Again, that sort of honesty and realness is why she remains so relatable. She is right there with us — working on being her best self. She may not consider it body confidence, but that's what it actually feels like.

This is why Teigen is so beloved by the Twitterverse and beyond. She isn't putting on airs or trying to be something else. While Donald Trump may beef with her tweets, the rest of us look forward to them.

This isn't the first time she has shared a struggle with the Chrissy Teigen faithful, either. Remember when she tweeted about having "period skin"?

This user's comment is all of the feels. Her realness, her silliness, and her unabashedly honest sharing make her feel like one of us.

This comment also challenges the notion of Insta perfection. When everyone looks flawless or homogenous, it's boring and faux.

Exactly! Diversity and differences are what makes this world truly go 'round. When a variety of pics of people of backgrounds and differing looks populate our Insta feeds, it's more unique and interesting.

Teigen's tweets generated plenty of important discourse and remind us that the real you is also the best you.