Chrissy Teigen's Birthday Video Of Luna Shows Off The Toddler's Serious Manicure Skills

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, childhood. Sometimes it's easy to miss the days when having a pretend tea party or playing restaurant was all you needed in life. Though times have changed, luckily Chrissy Teigen is happy to remind everyone of the simpler days of yore by documenting Luna and Miles' adventures as they experience those milestones. That was the case over the weekend when Teigen posted a video of Luna playing manicurist as part of her birthday celebration.

True to Teigen and husband John Legend's record of cute content, the video is adorable. On Twitter, Teigen captioned the video, "she has wanted to be a manicurist most of her life." In it, the 3-year-old can be seen choosing from several princess-themed nail polishes and stickers that can be put on what looks to be a plastic, expandable hand. (It looks a lot less creepy than it sounds.)

Teigen shared more videos of Luna using her gift on her Instagram Stories, and to be honest, Luna is living my dream Saturday night. In the series of videos, Luna is having fun trying out different colors from her nail kit, sitting in a Frozen chair that has Elsa and Anna on it, and watching Hocus Pocus next to an inviting looking fire. Seriously, who wouldn't want to wile away an evening enjoying nail painting and a Halloween classic?

Luna's third birthday celebration appears to be a total blast. People even reported that Legend and Teigen took Luna to Disneyland to ring in her third year. But nothing seems to fascinate her quite as much as this Disney Princess nail kit. Luna even graduated from giving manicures to the plastic hand to Teigen herself. The proud mom posted a video of Luna painting her nails a striking shade of blue. From the looks of the video, she's not doing too bad for a beginner. It's safe to say most 3-year-olds wouldn't be able to get that much polish safely on someone's nails. Maybe she's already found her career path?

When Luna's not "painting Mommy's nails" she's got some pretty cool celebrity birthday shout-outs to read through. On Saturday, Teigen posted a video of Luna walking around in a super cute swimsuit and sunnies with the caption, "happy birthday weekend, my loonie toons!!!" Soon, the comments section flooded with birthday wishes for Luna. Mindy Kaling commented, "happy birthday to the world’s cutest little girl." (Has Luna even seen an episode of The Mindy Project? Does she know how cool it is to get a "Happy Birthday" from Mindy Kaling??) People like Kenan Thompson, Paris Hilton, and...Mama Tammy from Queer Eye, is that you?, chimed in with love for Luna.

If Luna's anything like her parents, she's got talent in several arenas, but clearly nail art is a passion. We've yet to see if her fascination with manicures will fade, but clearly with clientele like Teigen, Luna must be doing something right. Either way, it looks like Luna had a dream third birthday that we're totally not jealous of or anything.